Huercasa dazzles in Fruit Attraction with the presentation of the extension of its range Bio and the line “On the go”

New Holland 2019

After the celebration of the tenth edition of Fruit Attraction, Carlos Olmos, Director of Marketing and Communication of Huercasa, explains in E-commerce Agrario the latest developments that have presented in what is the largest international fair in the sector, as well as how a year plus this sample has met all the objectives.

What products includes the new ecological range that you have presented?

The ecological range includes our two classic products, cooked red beets and corn cooked on the cob, as well as cut sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and beets, lentils, chickpeas, rice and the new salads on the go of lentils, chickpeas and red beans with vegetables.

With what objectives did you arrive at this fair? Would you say that they have been fulfilled?


Fruit Attraction is for us the ideal international showcase to present news and receive our national customers. However, this year has been a very active fair, in which interesting possibilities have been raised and, where we can highlight a notable increase in visits of new international contacts, for which we are quite satisfied.

What novelties have led to the fair?

We have basically worked on two product lines, the expansion of our Bio range and the “on the go” line of healthy salads ready to eat anytime, anywhere.

The Bio products are taking great relevance and our goal is to expand the range to meet the growing demands of the market. We give special importance to the products that allow to reduce the food waste from the field, such as cooked and cut beet, especially for salads.

As for the “on the go”, they are one of the clear future trends, ready-to-eat products that allow us to eat healthy.

What have the attendees of the fair been able to find when visiting their stand?

In terms of product, we have already talked about the Bio range and the on the go, apart of course from our conventional range, with cooked red beet and maize cooked on the cob as star products.

As for the appearance of the stand, for us the fair is a good opportunity to stage our values ​​and our motto, ‘Savor the country’, so we have counted on country elements, such as the barn, the green field or our already traditional swing-cob.

How do you see that the fair has evolved since its inception? Do you think that it has been adapted to the requirements and needs of the sector?

Fruit Atracttion has experienced, without a doubt, a great evolution since its inception, not only in terms of the number of exhibitors, but also in international relevance, to become one of the most important in Europe. That would not have been possible if it had not gone hand in hand with the exhibitors, companies in the sector, to meet their needs for promotion and generation of contacts and business.


What would you highlight, at a general level, of Fruit Attraction?

Apart from the good organization of the fair, the atmosphere, and the Mediterranean character that is experienced, which is more friendly and open than in other international fairs.

In general, the way of doing business is different and in many cases the agreements are closed with a coffee or a wine, which is another way of making contacts and business.

Do you think that the commitment to internationalization has been beneficial both for visitors and for exhibiting companies?

Definitely. For the exhibiting companies, it is always important to have international visitors, since internationalization and exportation is an inalienable objective for most of the sector. In addition, the international presence allows to see other models and other ways of working, which is always enriching.

For Judit Cortés.

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