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The Interprofessional Fruit and Vegetables of Andalusia, HORTYFRUTA displays at the fair in Berlin the round of contacts with companies, agents and inter-European distribution. HORTYFRUTA representatives will inform the European sector, the new draft Spanish Interprofessional Organisation of Fruits and Vegetables, HORTIESPAÑA.

HORTYFRUTA has an important activity in Fruit Logistica for the presence and meetings. The president of the organization, Francisco Gongora has shifted to Messe Berlin where he made a round of contacts in three directions:

1) Visit to member companies belonging to members of the interprofessional organizations and other non-integrated companies that are capable of being associations. “HORTYFRUTA aims to support with their presence to traders, but also want to attend this event to see what others do, because here come not only to teach but also to learn and improve,” confirms Francisco Góngora, president of HORTYFRUTA .

2) Meetings with distribution agents and all the actors belonging to the sector of fruits and vegetables, “with the need to maintain a close relationship in the pursuit of common objectives and tackle problems that contribute to the improvement of the sector.”

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3) Working meetings with other European interbranch organizations. Thursday February 4, a meeting with representatives of inter France, Italy, Romania, Hungary will take place, and for the first time will be added to this type of event the Netherlands, a transcendental event which proves that they are becoming more countries that want to participate in the proposed creation of a European interprofessional of fruits and vegetables. “In addition, all united with one goal as is the European market in all its aspects: production, marketing, logistics, distribution, promotion, etc.,” said the president of the Andalusian Inter.


Taking advantage of the dimension of Fruit Logistica, will be released the Spanish Interprofessional Organisation of Fruits and Vegetables, HORTIESPAÑA, its challenges and objectives in the short and medium term. This organization was created to achieve greater unity and representation of the Spanish greenhouse horticulture, but also is to contact and strengthen relationships with industry organizations and other states with major organizations at European level with respect and interest in horticulture.

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Fruit Attraction 2015 was the starting point of HORTIESPAÑA, who took part in this international event to occur before the national industry gathered in the sample. HORTIESPAÑA consists of eight associations comprising a total of 262 horticultural enterprises. The organizations that make up the Spanish Interprofessional sold 3,080,833 tons of fruits and vegetables in greenhouses and whose economic value amounts to 2.279 million euros. It has 42,515 hectares of production, 17,790 farmers and 60,000 employees, with an 70% representation of Spain.


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