Grufesa forms more than 1,550 students with ‘Cultivate your values’


More than 1,500 Primary Education students of the public schools of Moguer and Mazagón have participated this academic year in the consolidation of the awareness campaign of the educational community ‘Cultivates your values’, pioneer in the sector, whose second edition has been closed today at the headquarters of Grufesa. The firm of Moguer producer and marketer of berries has promoted and developed for the second year in a row this ambitious project in order to raise awareness among school children about the reality and socioeconomic significance of the strawberry sector through a project of education and training in values ​​associated with the same that revalue their identity and contribute to their personal development, to improve the coexistence and social progress of future generations.

The campaign, in which the City Council of Moguer and the Obra Social La Caixa have collaborated, has provided coverage to 1,550 students from 62 educational classrooms of the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Primary Education courses, ranging in age from 7 and 12 years old, from the schools of Moguer Zenobia Camprubí, Virgen de Montemayor and Pedro Alonso Niño, as well as El Faro, from Mazagón, whose teaching teams have collaborated in the execution of the same.

‘Cultivate your values’ has been articulated through five major thematic areas (Social, Labor, Nutrition and Health, Sustainability and Environment, and Sports) that have been shaped by fun didactic units and activities in the natural environment. Through enjoyable exercises and theoretical-practical activities in which some of the associations and social groups with which Grufesa regularly collaborates within their CSR actions have participated and have been involved, among other collaborating agents, the students have learned to know , identify, put into practice, share and defend social and labor values, as well as those linked to a healthy diet, the environment and sports through pleasant talks, practical workshops, crafts, visits to Doñana, the facilities of Grufesa and sport activities.

To recognize their participation and involvement in the consolidation of the program, Grufesa workers have given to the associations of Caterpillars Butterfly, Abriendo Puertas, Puerta Abierta / Cometa Mágica, Afame and Ánsares, participating schools and their Associations of Mothers and Fathers of Students (AMPAs), as well as the Moguer City Council, La Caixa and Platalea Welfare Projects, project partners, of an original framed illustration of the Acebrón pond during a moment of the development of the activity, which condenses and represents the spirit of the program.

Asamblea 5 al Día 2019. ENG

“This second edition has meant its consolidation, fulfilling this aspiration that we set when we conceived this program, a pioneer in the sector. Already last year we worked with 1,500 students and this past year we have continued the project working from the base with the same students in an education and comprehensive training so that in the successive courses they will learn those values ​​taught in each thematic unit that are going to help to train as better people “has highlighted the manager of Grufesa, Carlos Cumbreras, who has announced that the company is already working on the third edition, which will present several new features.

“We will continue working so that it lasts over time and strengthen it in schools as an educational complement that helps us to promote the personal and human development of the next generations, and contribute to eradicating those preconceived and unjust ideas that are sometimes associated with our sector in the environment and how much damage they do among young people, “he added.

For his part, the councilman of Associative Movements, Industry, Trade and Employment of the City of Moguer, José Jiménez, has applauded the initiative of Grufesa, in his opinion “a project of which we categorized as very important, enriching both the public to the that is directed, schoolchildren like my children, who have told me about Cultivate your Values, as well as the social agents and associations involved in its execution “.

For his part, the director of the school Zenobia Camprubí, Felipe Prieto, has praised the spirit of the program “since we must not forget the importance of values ​​in our lives and our training” and thanked the involvement of the teaching staff of the four educational centers participants “for their effort to fit in and develop the activities of a good initiative in which we all share the same objective”.

Also, the director of Business Banking at La Caixa, Gerardo Sánchez, has once again reached out to Grufesa for the third edition “as the project fits in with the values ​​of La Obra Social La Caixa and has reached our hearts “, And has highlighted the” scope “of the same, the” guarantee “of its development through qualified professionals, and” its durability “over time as the strengths of a program” with which we will be happy to collaborate again ” .


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