31st Salón de Gourmets kicks off with an emphasis on innovation, with more than 1,300 innovations


The 31st Salon de Gourmets has started after an opening day marked by the enormous diversity of participation, 1,630 exhibitors and 40,000 products, and with the focus on innovation, as has been demonstrated by the presentation of more than 1,300 product innovations Agro-food. Its inaugural day has been run by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, who has traveled the 4 pavilions discovering food and drinks that “best reflect the Spanish gastronomic sector, a benchmark in the world and that every day is more fashionable, for its quality and variety”.

The Minister has also been able to witness some of the main activities such as the 24 Ham / Dehesa Cutters Competition in Extremadura, a championship in which she has personally awarded the prize to the winner, Francisco José Castro Navarro (Córdoba), who has shown very excited about receiving the prize. “This contest had it engraved like a spinet; I have presented myself five times and finally, I have been able to compete in this one, which is one of the best in Spain, without a doubt. Winning him has been conquering a yearning”.

The minister with representatives of the DOP Jabugo, in the first event of this denomination after the change of name.

The minister with representatives of the DOP Jabugo, in the first event of this denomination after the change of name.

The first day of the Salon de Gourmets 2017 has also been marked by the presence of Carmen Ortiz, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Andalusian Government, the autonomous community that in 2016 has led the export of food and beverages from Spain, with more than 10 billion euros in sales, which represent 20% of the national total. A trend that, according to Ortiz, has “continued to rise” in the first two months of 2017.

Between January and February, Andalusia has marketed agri-food products abroad valued at about 2,200 million euros, 26% more than in the same months of last year

Andalusia is also the autonomous community with the highest number of quality denominations (around 60) with products that are appreciated for their taste, quality and sustainability. In the specific case of the current edition of the Salon de Gourmets, the institutional stand of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development receives, in its 435 square meters area, five Regulatory Councils of quality denominations, the Andalusian Food Business Association (Landaluz) and 23 entities from different agri-food sectors. In total, there are 29 Andalusian entities, out of the 293 that participate in this fair, which come under the umbrella of the Junta de Andalucía, with innovative products among which are collections of author of extra virgin olive oils, sauces of yogurt with honey, soy and sesame, quinoa and gourmet products elaborated of artisan form, like stews of tagarninas, wild rabbit or field chicken with rice.

Amongst the other contests that have also played host to this first day of the Salon de Gourmets, is the third National Beer / Estrella Galicia Competition Championship, Certamen Madrid, which has been for Francisco Javier Quirós, from the Quirós Restaurant (Torrejón de Ardoz) restaurant, who will be the representative of the Community along with the sucampeón, Antonio Argudo Gallego, of the Ball Cup Bar, in the great final that is celebrated on April 25, at 10:30 am in the Espacio Estrella Galicia (Pavilion 4 / booth 4A50 IFEMA).

One of the novelties of this edition, the National Contest “In search of the Best Cachopo made with Ternera Asturiana”, has a woman as winner. María Busta Rosales, from Casa Eutimio (Lastres / Asturias) has conquered the palate of the jury with its original recipe “Cacholetus”. “I added the boletus and a cheese that if I give it temperature melts easy, which is good for the cachopo. It has Iberian ham, very little, but with enough fat to have that flavor more round mountain, very close to the traditional. I have also incorporated a garnish out of the usual as are cherry tomatoes seasoned, various colors, which in the background not only give you freshness but also clean your mouth”, explains the winner.

On the second day of the Salon de Gourmets activities will continue and opens its doors Evolution Spirits, the uniquespace dedicated exclusively to premium distillates, a must visit for any visitor.

Source: Salón de Gourmets


➡️The 31st Salon de Gourmets will award excellence in the different areas of gastronomy and agri-food

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