FRUIT ATTRACTION and MEAT ATTRACTION have already closed their dates of celebration in 2018


FRUIT ATTRACTION, an international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, and the second edition of MEAT ATTRACTION, an event aimed at the meat sector, have already closed their dates of celebration for 2018, as reported by the Madrid trade fair institution (IFEMA). Thus, for FRUIT ATTRACTION, the dates finally agreed upon were October 23th, 24th and 25th. For its part, MEAT ATTRACTION will take place from September 18th to 20th.

In the case of FRUIT ATTRACTION, it has changed its days of celebration to maximize the opportunities of the commercial meeting between its participants, happening to be from Tuesday to Thursday, instead of Wednesday to Friday, as it has been usual, after the analysis of Results of the surveys carried out to exhibitors and international visitors attending the last edition.

Organized by IFEMA and FEPEX, FRUIT ATTRACTION 2018 will celebrate its 10th anniversary, from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm during its three days of celebration. The new days of celebration of this fair will expand the opportunities for commercial meetings between supply and demand, maximizing the profitability of the investment made by the participants who attend this event, both in the exhibition and in the visitors. The average time of assistance to FRUIT ATTRACTION is in 1.7 days, and in this way the quality of the useful time of attendance to the event will be encouraged, deepening in the quality and quantity of possible commercial meetings, maximizing the time available for the generation of greater commercial interaction between supply and demand, by promoting a more equitable distribution of visitor inflow among the three most effective days of the week.


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From Tuesday to Thursday the Feria de Madrid will also host the second edition of MEAT ATTRACTION, organized by IFEMA and the ANICE association, National Association of Meat Industries of Spain. The Pavilion 4 of the fairground of the Spanish capital will serve as the setting for this event – the first professional fair in Spain devoted exclusively to a sector that represents the fourth most important industry in the country and generates a business of 22,600 million euros-, which its first edition brought together 242 exhibitors and companies represented, from 16 countries, and more than 9,000 professionals.

MEAT ATTRACTION found a great reception in the sector, when the objectives of this first edition were fulfilled, which turned to serve as a platform for the dynamization of this important economic segment and, in particular, in its internationalization, above all, of SMEs . In this regard, it should be noted that the Fair will once again have the backing of this sector, represented through the Organizing Committee, and in which the main associations and sector entities are present, as well as the leading firms in this industry.

Image of the last edition of MEAT ATTRACTION.

MEAT ATTRACTION 2018 will once again call the agents involved in the production process (slaughterhouses, cutting plants, processing industries, companies specialized in storage and transport, and marketing and distribution to the internal and external market), and the supply (producers , transformers and distributors of meat and derivatives, and suppliers of industry and meat distribution).

The contest will articulate its offer around the Meat sectors; Meat derivatives; Meats and derivatives with quality figures, with ecological certification and with Halal and Kosher certification, and suppliers of meat industry and distribution.

The Meat Sector Fair, MEAT ATTRACTION, will boost its program of professional buyers, with B2B meetings

Source: IFEMA

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