The European apple crop is expected to fall by 21% due to adverse weather

European apple crop estimates point to a significant decline of 21% over the previous season and 23% less than the average of the last three years, as reported in the International congress Prognosfruit, which has been held in Lleida from 9th to 11th August. Frost and hail that have severely damaged Poland, the largest European apple producer, whose harvest would fall by 29%, is the main cause of this decline. For the pear, a crop reduction of 1% is estimated, which affects mainly the Conference variety, mainly in Belgium and Holland, also due to adverse weather.

Chile: ASOEX starts its first fruit promotional campaign in Madrid in an airport

The Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile AG (ASOEX) starts today, August 14th, in Madrid and until next September 14th, the first promotional campaign of Chilean fruits in an airport, taking advantage of the fact that Chile is in full export season of apples, kiwis and pears, fruits that will be the perfect snack in the restaurants of Madrid Airport. Together with the promotion of the consumption of Chilean fruits as healthy snacks, this activity seeks to expand distribution channels.
170809_fruta de hueso

MAPAMA will convene a working group to agree on measures against the structural crisis of the stone fruit

At the beginning of October, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) will convene a broad working group to agree on a package of measures aimed at unlocking the structural problems affecting the bone and pome fruit sector, according to the director general of Productions and Agricultural Markets, Fernando Miranda, during a meeting held on August 4th with representatives of the fruit and vegetable sector, to analyze the difficulties of the campaign of fruit of bone.
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EU: escalation of EU imports of vegetables from Morocco, Turkey and Egypt

Community imports of vegetables from Morocco, Turkey and Egypt have experienced an unstoppable climb in recent years. A trend that has been reinforced in the first four months of 2017, compared to the same period of the previous year, with growth of 17% in the case of Morocco, 51% in Turkey and 20% in Egypt, according to the latest data updated by the Office of Statistics of the European Union (Eurostat), processed by FEPEX.

Verd Camps Fruits, first European company certified in the calculation of water footprint and carbon in watermelon

Verd Camp Fruits, associated with Grupo AGF since 2007, is the first European company to be certified in the calculation and verification of its water and carbon footprint for the cultivation of Fashion watermelon, being the first time a horticultural production company has evaluated sustainability and water and carbon efficiency in the cultivation of watermelon, in general, and Fashion watermelon, in particular.
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Afrucat asks to increase from 30 to 40Mkg the withdrawal quota to recover prices on bone fruit

The Managing Director of the Business Fruit Association of Catalonia (Afrucat), Manel Simon, met on 31st July with his Italian, French and Greek counterparts to coordinate the request for an urgent meeting with the Commission's DG Agri European Union and demand an increase in the quota of withdrawal of the regulation of extraordinary measures in "that amount that is sufficient and reduce the high pressure that the prices of the fruit of bone of this summer are suffering".