The sector will have a real map of stone fruit production in Spain

The Ministry of Agriculture is committed to the sector to make available to you the data that this CAP campaign has been obtained, for the first time, from the declarations of the farmers in relation to the surfaces dedicated to produce fruit in the set of Spain, plot by plot, and with varietal information and year of planting.

AVA-ASAJA addresses the challenges and opportunities of the green sector

AVA-ASAJA hosted on Wednesday a meeting of producers of organic farming and livestock to address the challenges and opportunities of a sector that makes its way into the Valencian Community.

Increase fruit consumption, but not enough

73% of Spaniards eat fruit one or more times a day, up to 1.7 times a day per person, compared to 47% who eat vegetables daily, according to the report 'Indicators of purchase and consumption in fruits and vegetables' of Aecoc.

FA19, it will be the best edition of its history

The 2019 edition of the Fruit Attraction fair aims to become the largest event of all those held to date.

The first Belgian blueberries reach an almost empty market

The Belgian family company Kwekerij Mulders combines the cultivation of tomatoes and cranberries. A strange combination? Gert Mulders, sales manager, does not see it that way. "My parents started growing tomatoes 30 years ago. We started with three hectares of tomatoes, but we could not expand our greenhouse crop because of the location. That's why we started looking for another crop and we bet on blueberries. "

The Valencian ecological sector grows more in the first half of 2019 than in 2018

If 2018 closed with 114.509 certified hectares, 18.6% more than in 2017, in the first semester of 2019, the area has already exceeded everything that was certified last year and the three provinces have 143.404 hectares certified, 28.895 hectares more than last year, or what is the same, 25.2% more, according to yesterday the Committee of Organic Agriculture of the Valencian Community (CAECV).

The hail damages 100,000 hectares while the water reserve falls

Unas 100.000 hectáreas de cultivos han sido dañadas por el pedrisco en sólo dos días, viéndose muy afectada entre otros, la cereza del Jerte. El episodio de tormentas remite y la reserva de agua embalsada sigue bajando.

Organic avocado all year, with only two origins

This company located in the Veléz - Málaga (Málaga), supplies the market with ecological tropical products, mainly mango and avocado.

Organic farming demands a transversal vision of its activity

Mª Teresa Cháfer Nácher, General Director of Rural Development and PAC of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition of the Generalitat Valenciana has inaugurated the Tertulia #BusinessAGRO Marketing and Profitability of Ecological Agriculture.