Plant improvement, essential to reduce food waste

In his speech Fruit Logistica 2019 (Berlin, 6-8 February), mr. Chabanis will explain how new varieties with specific characteristics are being selected and developed to reduce waste and improve efficiency - from the field, through processing, transportation and retail to end consumers.

Grupo G'S launches Love Fresh® snack with Philadelphia®

The firm of British origin located in Murcia completes its snack range with the launch of four new products accompanied by Philadelphia® cheese.

Grupo La Caña expects its Bio line to reach 14% of its production

With more than 85,000 tons of product marketed, this entity from Granada is committed to increasing its Bio production, going from 11% to 14% in this campaign.
Fruit Logística

Uniq present in Berlín “Tu caja Uniq”

It is the first and only software created to select the type of cardboard packaging that best suits fruits and vegetables, allowing you to know which is the perfect box per product and logistics circuit.
fruit logistica 2019

Berlín, world capital of fruits and vegetables

From 6 to 8 February 2019, FRUIT LOGÍSTICA opens its doors, an event that expects to gather more than 78,000 professional visitors from more than 130 countries - More than 3,200 exhibitors from 90 countries represent the complete chain of fruit and vegetable production fresh.

Eca Fruits Magazine N.7 it is avaliable in its digital version and downloadable

It is already available in its digital version and downloadable in PDF editionN. 7 of the fruit Descarga aquí PDFand vegetable magazine eCA Fruits, edited by SIETE Agromarketing and eComercio Agrario.

Bitter taste in citrus fruits

An increase in production over last season, weather adversities, the delay in the maturation of the fruit and overlap of our varieties with those of third countries such as South Africa have been the perfect ingredients to make a cocktail that has turned bitter for the sector Spanish citrus in this first part of the campaign marked by low prices and a lot of fruit hanging on the trees pending harvest or on the ground without selling.

Grupo AGF starts its 2019 campaign in Fruit Logística

Grupo AGF, a benchmark in the export of brand Fashion watermelon in Germany, will be present at the new edition of the most important international fruit and vegetable fair in Europe, Fruit Logistica, which takes place in Berlin from 6 to 8 February. It is on this date, when AGF group will kick off its campaign 2019, making the start and end of campaigns coincide with the most important fairs of the fruit and vegetable sector .

Tomato Kumato®, a type of dark brown tomato that reinvents the market

The sector of the tomato is an example of the consolidation and importance of the Spanish agriculture, a sign more of the paper of this country like referent in matter of external commercialization. This is shown by the data that, year after year, place Spain in the top of the world ranking in fruit and vegetable exports.