Luis Planas announces a specific campaign to promote the consumption of products from fisheries and aquaculture

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, has participated today, in Vigo, in the inauguration of the XX International Fair of Frozen Products of the Sea (Conxemar), an annual meeting for the entire transforming, distributing, importing and exporting sector of the sea ​​products.For the minister, this fair is a reference, a showcase of quality products, combined with cutting-edge technology.

Andalusia markets around 20,000 tonnes of fish and shellfish in the first six months of 2018

Basic foods go back to the Spanish shopping basket in SeptemberThe 25 Andalusian fish markets have sold 19,364.96 tonnes of fish and shellfish in the first half of 2018 for a value of 66.7 million euros. The average price per kilogram has been placed in the first six months of this year at 3.45 euros, above the 3.03 and 2.84 euros of the same period of the 2017 and 2016 courses, for, from the From the point of view of the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro, to compensate, "to a certain extent", the decline in production in a "difficult" context such as that experienced by the extractive sector as a result of the loss of considerable percentages of quotas of species such as hake and horse mackerel after the international negotiations led by the previous Government of Mariano Rajoy or the situation of the sardine fishery, without forgetting the "forced" closure of the fishing ground of the chirla.

Board and sector create two working groups to agree proposals on fishing for chirla

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development  and the Gulf of Cádiz Bay sector have set up a working table and two technical groups to agree on proposals for this fishery with the aim of guaranteeing the future viability of the fishing ground, as the adviser Rodrigo Sánchez Haro made a commitment to the sector at the meeting on March 15th.

Spain improves its deepwater fishing quotas by 351t

Following the latest EU Fisheries Council, Spanish Minister Isabel García Tejerina has succeeded in improving the Commission's initial proposal on fishing opportunities for deep-sea species by 351 tonnes, which could amount to more than 2.5 million euros in first sale for Spanish fishermen.

Spain: minister hopes to expand fishing opportunities in deep waters

On the occasion of the EU Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries held on 14th November, the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, expressed her confidence in improving significantly the European Commission's proposal on possibilities Of deep-sea fishing, arguing that no sharp reductions should be established for the next two years.

The National Tuna Congress will discuss the role of consumers in the sustainability of the species

The third edition of the National Tuna Congress, which the Organization of Associated Producers of Large Tuna Freezers (OPAGAC) holds at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid from 19 to 20 October, will address in its third edition the role the final consumer can play in contributing to sustainable fishing of this species.

Andalusia doubled its marine aquaculture production in 2015, with more than 10.600t.

The Andalusian Autonomous Community in 2015 doubled its marine aquaculture production to 10.673 tons, almost double that in 2014 (5.831 tons). A figure finds that they are meeting the objectives of the Andalusian Strategy for the Development of Marine Aquaculture for 2014-2020, which envisages tripling production in this period, and confirms the upward trend in this sector.

The MAGRAMA initiates proceedings against the Vikings and Seabull ships in its operation against illegal fishing

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA) has initiated a file to debug responsibilities in connection with the participation of Spanish natural and legal persons in the ownership, management and operation of the Viking and Seabull 22 vessels identified as being involved in actions illegal fishing. This initiative is part of Operation Sparrow 2 against actions of this nature and highlights the policy of zero tolerance that Spain has applied to fight these practices.

A focused campaign towards sustainable management of the stock of sardine and anchovy in the Gulf of Cadiz

From 30th July to 12th August, the research vessel Miguel Oliver will develop the ECOCÁDIZ campaign, which in this year is focused on the characterization and data collection for the evaluation of the main pelagic resources, namely sardine and anchovy, along with other species of horse mackerel and mackerel in the Gulf of Cadiz. An initiative that ultimately pursues a more sustainable management and improved utilization of fishing in this area.