FERDUQUE starts with the aspiration to be a national benchmark in agro-livestock fairs


The 1st National Agricultural Fair of the Duke States, FERDUQUE, has started its 2017 edition with the firm aspiration to consolidate itself as a national reference in the sector of the agricultural and livestock fairs. This event, which will be held from June 23th to 25th at the Fairground in the town of Malagón, was inaugurated by the mayor of Malagón, Adrián Fernández; the president of the Commonwealth of the States of the Duke, Carlos Jesus Villajos; the national president of ASAJA, Pedro Barato; the provincial delegate of the Board of Communities in Ciudad Real, Carmen Teresa Olmedo; the general director of Food Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Fernando Burgaz; and the president of the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real, José Manuel Caballero.

According to the mayor of Malagón, “FERDUQUE constitutes a great opportunity for the region of the Duke’s States”, since it has an enormous potential and numerous singularities, “the most important is the Concordia script that was born in 1552” , Has apostilled. With this fair we want to “place ourselves on the regional and national map as an agroganadero reference, to make known our environment, region and the quality of our products. We are the only region located in Spain between two national parks: Cabañeros and Las Tablas de Daimiel, has concluded.

On the other hand, Carlos Jesus Villains has emphasized that States of the Duke deserved to have its own agricultural and food fair. “A fair in which different experts help farmers and farmers to improve the profitability of their farms, addressing important issues such as marketing, innovation or the CAP; In addition to analyzing the problems and challenges facing these sectors, “he said. In addition, he recalled that the idea of the Fair came last year when some farmers had problems in collecting milk “because we saw it as fundamental for our sector”.

Meanwhile, the national president of Asaja has valued the work of the six mayors who make up the Comarca del Duque, formed by the towns of Malagón, Fuente el Fresno, Los Cortijos, Fernán Caballero, Porzuna and El Robledo. That we must take advantage of the showcase of the Fair to “make known ours, take it out, sell it and attract people”.

The provincial delegate of the Board of Communities in Ciudad Real has indicated that the region of the States of the Duke “make up a rich region for its value in themselves. We are lucky to have this region, one of the most beautiful in Castilla-La Mancha and part of the national territory, and this added value that in its beauty must be combined with the enhancement of its products, local economy and always show them abroad “.

On the other hand, Fernando Burgaz wanted to congratulate, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, the organizers of FERDUQUE since “we are at the birth of a fair that will have a lot of travel and great success”. Likewise, he has expressed gratitude to farmers, farmers and industrialists in the area “because with your work, know-how and with your day to day, you make it possible for the food and agriculture sector of Castilla-La Mancha to become a sector of success” .

Finally, the president of the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real pointed out that it was smart to support a fundamental sector such as food and agriculture. “And that we do it in an area and in a region that has a tradition fundamentally linked to agriculture and livestock is the logical and obligatory,” said José Manuel Caballero. And he recalled that “from the first moment we show our support” because “it is worth everything that has to do with valuing our land, with value, with promoting what identifies us and allows us to live and generate employment and generate wealth”.

In this way a fair was inaugurated that will last three days and that will be full of activities directed to professionals of the agricultural sector and livestock, but also you will be able to enjoy the gastronomy and the products of the zone thanks to the more than 70 activities for all the audiences that complete the program of this first edition of FERDUQUE.


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