FERCAM rewards the eight best manchego cheese of 2017

The competition of quality that celebrates the National Fair of the Field in Manzanares (FERCAM), that with 29 editions is one of the most prestigious and valued of the sector, has awarded the eight best manchego cheeses of the year in its different categories. Thus, in the section of curados and semi-cured, respectively, cheeses “Diaz Miguel” and “Montescusa” are imposed in the industrial category, while “Marantona” and “Chisquero” do in the artisanal.

In the competition, whose qualification was held last June 29th, a total of 45 samples participated. In all cases, as required by the bases, are cheeses inscribed in the Denomination of Origin “Queso Manchego”.

The jury’s decision was made known, as it is being traditional, in the opening day of the National Field Fair, which this year has celebrated its 57th edition. In the category of industrial processing (with pasteurized milk), the gold medal of Fercam in cured cheeses is for the cheese “Diaz Miguel”, of the company Gregorio Díaz-Miguel, Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real). The silver corresponds to “Maese Miguel”, of Industrial Quesera Cuquerella, of Malagón (Ciudad Real).

In semi-cured industrial cheeses, the winner is “Montescusa”, from Quesos Lominchar, from Corral de Almaguer (Toledo). Second is the cheese “El Gigüela”, from the Ganadera Palomares Association, from La Puebla de Almoradiel (Toledo).Cheeses La Casota, from La Solana (Ciudad Real), has been awarded twice in the category of artisan cheeses with its brand “Marantona”. In curados the gold medal wins and in silver the silver.

In curados, the second prize is for “Ojos del Guadiana”, from Manchega Ojos del Guadiana, from Daimiel (Ciudad Real). In handcrafted semi-cured, gold is for the “Chisquero” cheese, from Agrícola La Merced, from Torre de Juan Abad (Ciudad Real).

The awards were presented last July 2nd, in the Hall of Events of the Pavilion of Samples, during the closing ceremony of the fair.

Source: FERCAM

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