Fendtgüinos 2017 culminates with a great success of participation

Once again Fendtgüinos has become the largest concentration of tractors in Spain. This year’s edition was held last Thursday, September 21st in Linares (Jaén), culminating in a great success of call and public participation: a total of 341 Fendt machines were gathered between tractors, combine harvesters, packers and forage implements, in addition to about 4,000 people, the vast majority of professional farmers.

Some of the most prestigious brands in the sector shared this day with Fendt, such as Aguirre, Amazone, CompoExpert, Fertinagro, Maschio Gaspardo, Michelin, Moresil, Noli, Novatel, Ovlac, Reale Seguros, Sapec, Sigfito, Timac Agro, Trelleborg and Trimble. Many of them repeated, after the success of previous editions and others joined for the first time to an event of great popularity among the farmers and that is already referring in the agricultural world. Agrarian organizations (ASAJA, COAG and UPA) and the specialized press were also represented, through means such as Agriculture, Agrotécnica, eComercioAgrario, Interempresas, Professional Agro, Terralia, Lands and Rural Life. All had their space in FENDTGÜINOS 2017, some with their own demonstration areas.

As usual in the events organized by FENDT, it collaborated with the Food Bank, this time the one in Jaén, through the sale by the volunteers of this NGO of the well-known Vaso Solidario FENDT

The purpose of the sale of these glasses was, on the one hand to raise money to help those who need it most, while taking care of the environment by reducing the amount of waste. In Fendtgüinos 2017, the donation of Solidarity Glasses FENDT Food Bank of Jaén was also sponsored by SIGFITO. For the price of only € 1, attendees of the event bought a Collectible Glass that gave them access to free soft drinks throughout the event, while contributing their grain of sand to a noble cause. The total collection of the Food Bank of Jaén through this campaign amounted to € 3,998, according to the communication of Francisco Luque President of the Organization.

To brighten up the day, the RICIRCUS WILD RIDERS crazy bikes team made the attendants tremble with their incredible bike jumps, impossible stunts and a lot of daring. In addition, the hot air balloon Fendt was working all day, offering breathtaking views to those visitors who wanted to experience their flight.

The inauguration of the event took place at 10.30h, by the Mayor of Linares, Juan Fernández Gutiérrez, and the commercial director of Fendt for Spain, José Ramón González, and gave way to the presentation of the full Fendt range, with 58 tractors, 2 harvesters, 2 packers, 3 forage rakes and 2 mowers, one of them combined in the front, that paraded before the spectators showing the latest in technology. To give a more lively touch to the event, he repeated for the third time, as speaker Juan Mari Guajardo, with his unmistakable voice of the cycling tour to Spain.

The star tractor was the new Fendt Frutero 200 VFP brought in first to Fendtgüinos 2017, place chosen to present it for the first time in Spain

During the presentation, the latest innovations offered by the Bavarian brand could be announced, such as the new Agco Power common rail engine that meets the highest emission standards, Phase IIIB, the option to assemble integrated self-guided pre-installation, the possibility of mounting the system Varioactive to rotate with fewer turns of steering wheel, option reversible fan in engine, integrated heating in the ground of the tractor, and option of 540 Economy in the front PTO among others.

Also featured were the new ProfiPlus 300 Series S4 version, which this year Fendt added the option of mounting the self-guided Fendt VarioGuide fully integrated in its 7 “terminal, and the new Powerplus version of the Series 500 and 700 S4

Until now Fendt offered the VarioGuide in the series 500 and 700, only in the versions ProfiPlus, with the terminal of 10 “, but now has launched as newness this new version PowerPLus where the VarioGuide system of Fendt can be assembled integrated in the terminal 7 “, and of course adapted to any precision.

Once the presentation was concluded, the demonstrations began on the licensed plots on both sides of the farm, where visitors were able to try implements and implements mounted on their favorite Fendt tractors. After a meal stop, he returned to the demonstration areas and the central ring, where the demonstrators delighted the audience, maneuvering the tractors with great skill and dexterity.

At the end of the show, it was the final touch to the event with the classic and mythical caravan of the authentic Fendtgüinos, customers of the brand with its tractors Fendt, to bid a pleasant and enjoyable day in the field.

Source: AGCO Iberia S.A.


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