Fecoam considers vital the maintenance of the Tajo-Segura Transfer for the survival of the regional agriculture


The Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Murcia (Fecoam) reminds the administration that “the agriculture of the Region depends largely on the water resources coming from infrastructures such as the Tajo-Segura”, given the situation of the river’s deficit basin Safe.

The president of Fecoam, Santiago Martínez, remarks that “the Segura Basin Plan collects the structural deficit that this channel suffers”, and that “it is not negotiable that the transfer be eliminated or reduced, a vital means for agriculture and cattle raising in Murcia” .

In addition, the Federation emphasizes that “the water used by farmers is not free, since they pay for it in order to be entitled to irrigation”, putting “the continuity of products and jobs in danger if assistance measures are reduced” and current water access “.

Along with this, remember that a reduction or elimination of the transfer, not only affect agriculture, but all complementary activities and auxiliary industries, such as transportation, canning or restoration and, by extension to the economy of the entire Region.

Asamblea 5 al Día 2019. ENG

Likewise, the organization stresses that “it is essential for the future of the regional primary sector to continue working on the National Water Pact”, contemplating not only the continuity of the Tajo-Segura Transfer, “but also the interconnection of basins and the maximum production of desalinated water from the desalination facilities of the Region “.

For this reason, Santiago Martínez urges the administrations “to carry out a responsible analysis of the situation, studying the characteristics of each zone and guaranteeing water resources that make possible an agro-food production that accounts for a large part of national exports”.

Martinez also emphasizes the fact that Murcian agricultural cooperatives are an example of good agricultural practices and resource optimization, “working continuously in the development of new systems of water saving and environmental sustainability.”


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