Fademur considers successful the feminist strike in rural areas

The organization of progressive rural women (Fademur) has been proud of the success of the feminist strike in the villages. “The feminist struggle is an exercise in courage that, unfortunately, requires even greater sacrifices in the rural environment, where everyone is known and the population is more permeable to change, so that struggle becomes more complex,” have explained fromFademur. Therefore, the organization has been “very satisfied by the millions of women who, with much courage, have taken this claim to rural areas”.

After a morning of unemployment, mobilizations and acts of awareness and visibility in thousands of towns in Spain, rural women (some 4,863,800 in Spain) have also prepared for the afternoon, “during which, as the compañeras of the cities, we will demonstrate for the universal freedom and justice”.

“Among all we are doing History”, they have said from Fademur. Even those rural women who could not leave their jobs only in the hands of men, have managed to meet at least partial stoppages. It is so that the cattle ranchers have advanced the time to feed their cattle and the artisans have delayed their orders.

Fademur has declared herself proud of all of them. The organization has explained that the feminist struggle has a centennial trajectory but, nevertheless, it is still misunderstood by a part of the population. “They have been responsible for criminalizing it and also for confusing its meaning so that many people do not understand that a fair change is sought. This misinterprets that it is a movement that seeks the superiority of women instead of equality between men and women. One of the mechanisms of patriarchy to perpetuate itself“.

Teresa López, President of Fademur, has concluded that “women are tired of being heroines”. And he has put an end to the following sentence: “we do not want to work more for less and bear most of our care responsibilities on our shoulders“.

Source: Fademur


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