Everything about the International Year of Pulses 2016

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And the new web www.comerlegumbres.com is born with the goal of being an informative reference in Spain when talking about the “International Year of Pulses 2016” is available. On the web all the news, events, publications and videos on this important event and complete information on the benefits of legumes level of health and sustainability, including its many culinary preparations are collected.

One of the objectives of FAO to proclaim 2016 as the “International Year of Pulses ” has been asking governments, institutions and business organizations to disseminate the most of all the news and events that will be organized worldwide to strengthen and the legume consumption.

Following this line of work, Legumbristas Association from Spain has launched the web http://www.comerlegumbres.comwith the aim of collecting all this information and also be a reference for nutritional information, health, sustainability and culinary to when talking about legumes.

The website revolves around the International Year of Pulses and also includes information on national and international markets, the health benefits, the sustainability of crops and a gourmet section, with both traditional recipes, as original international recipes and preparations in less than 30 minutes to young people with little time.
With a modern and adapted to all devices for easy reading design, the web is completed with the presence in social networks via Twitter (@comerlegumbres) and Facebook.

Source: www.comerlegumbres.com




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