Double appointment for the most important faces of the Spanish countryside


On Wednesday, June 6th, there was the double date that brings annually the most relevant faces of Spanish field: the presentation of the Yearbook 2016 of the Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers (UPA) and the delivery of Awards from the Foundation of Rural Studies, attached to that organization.

This event, among other public names, has had the participation of the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Isabel García Tejerina, and the general secretary of the UGT, Pepe Alvarez, has provided the opportunity to open a debate on the main issues of  Agriculture, as the generational change, free trade agreements, prices of food origin or the role of women in the field.

Under the title “Agriculture and rural world: local experiences in a global world” it has presented the yearbook 2016 of the agricultural union in the central facilities of CES (Economic and Social Council), with the presence of important figures of agriculture and the Spanish livestock. Many of them also participate in this event presentation, they have collaborated in the preparation of the Yearbook, including the minister and the secretary general of UGT.

In its assessment of the agricultural course, the general secretary of UPA, Lorenzo Ramos, said that “It has been tough, with many problems and threats”, but has shown hopeful, and said facing the future “with enthusiasm and forward progress. ”

Speaking at the conference, Acting Minister García Tejerina has stressed the importance of placing value on local products in foreign markets. She also pointed to the laws of the food chain and designations of origin as tools for improving farmers’ incomes.

For his part, Secretary General of UGT, Pepe Alvarez, has emphasized the role of farmers as “maximum preservers ” of the environment across Europe and asked to take into consideration the additional costs faced by rural families when to grant scholarships to study. “We must stop talking about agricultural subsidies, and talk about investment in agriculture,” he said.

Subsequently, there were respective discussion sessions, in which representatives of the four main political parties held: PP, PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos, to give the step to the awards: Awards Photo Contest World Rural 2016, Rural Pride Awards 2016, Awards 2016 of Foundation for Rural Studies.

Awards 2016

Awards Photo Contest World Rural, whose winners are available by entering this link rewards with thousands of euros the photos that showcase the rural reality. This year it has faced its tenth year and during this time have participated in the contest over 5,500 photographers.

As for the Rural Pride Awards this year have fallen on the player Andres Iniesta, the farmer, business and union leader Catalina Garcia, and former secretary general of the General Union of Workers, Candido Mendez. The first has been honored for his impulse to agriculture of its people, through the different entrepreneurial experiences that develops in his family winery.

Meanwhile, Catalina Garcia has received its award in recognition of a life dedicated to the field from their farm, from unionism in UPA, from feminism to the front of Fademur Extremadura and, for a few months as the first woman who It is part of the Control Board of the Designation of Origin Ribera del Guadiana.

Finally, Candido Mendez has expressed special illusion that he assumes this recognition.

Finally, the Awards Foundation for Rural Studies have praised the experiences in their respective areas of Cobadu cooperative, responsible for Publications of Ministry of Agriculture, Juan Manuel García Bartolomé, and Extremaduran journalist J. R. Alonso de la Torre.

The closing ceremony was conducted by Lorenzo Ramos, Pepe Alvarez and Isabel García Tejerina.

Source: UPA

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