Destroy yourself, Tradecorp’s campaign for farmers to free their crops from abiotic stress

Tradecorp launches “#Desestrésate #HolaTradecorp #AdiósEstrés”, an awareness campaign aimed at farmers and agricultural technicians to help their crops in a more effective way against the extreme weather that occurs in Spain during the summer months.

After the rains and spring, Tradecorp proposes, for the second consecutive year, a series of training and promotion actions to encourage the use of biostimulants and technical products for stress management in water and soil also during the summer period. The objective is to strengthen crops against abiotic stress, that is to say, that caused by heat waves, drought … and other external and climatological agents.

The new Tradecorp proposal responds to a clear commitment to the transfer of knowledge about abiotic stress and is based on the results of field work with biostimulants. These works show that biostimulants are useful for the maintenance of the production and the quality of the crops if they are also used during the summer months.

Innovative proposal:

For the director of marketing of Tradecorp Bioestimulantes, Jorge Aguilar “this campaign is directed mainly for those producers, farmers and technicians of farms that are nonconformist, with a very advanced vision of crop management under stress, for those who are in continuous evolution and in search of innovative solutions “.

“Our goal,” continues Aguilar, “is that the arrival of summer and with it, that of high temperatures, water stress, increased intensity and hours of radiation or ozone damage, along with the salinity of soils and / or waters, does not suppose a drastic brake to the production and the quality of the crops. And the studies we have done, besides being a scientifically proven fact, show that the use of biostimulants helps in these situations. That is why we wanted to launch a campaign that says “goodbye to stress” and that comes to contribute its grain of sand in the tranquility of the farmer “.

This campaign wants to convey to producers that, in stress management, the constant and systematic application of biostimulants and technical products in this period of the year, although shock, is an innovation and an evolution in a significant part of farms.

The Tradecorp proposal responds to the company’s commitment to bring farmers knowledge and experiences on stress management and ensure that the productions are not depleted by all external agents that influence a crop during the summer months.


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