Demoagro Specialty, “a new ANSEMAT project that accommodates machinery dedicated to special crops”

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The person in charge of Development of Demoagro, Victoria Ruiz, explains to us in Agrarian E-commerce the latest developments in the preparation of Demoagro Specialty, an initiative similar to Demoagro, but focused exclusively on special crops, to be held in Turis (Valencia) next 1,2 and 3 of October of 2018. Therefore, there will be two Demoagro in 2019. In May, Demoagro will travel to Huesca to focus on the tasks of land preparation and forage collection and treatment, while a few months later it will be released the one dedicated to special crops.

Victoria Ruiz tells us all the details.

What is expected from this first edition Demoagro Specialty? How many parcels have been allocated for this? What do you think the scope of this call will be?

The expectation of ANSEMAT before this new project, is to respond to the confidence that our companies have placed in the association: to reinforce a demonstrative format that, as is happening in the dedicated to extensive crops, offers the possibility of providing the professional the solutions available to the machinery to adapt to crops that in this case, due to their characteristics, make them special. The chosen place offers the variety of crops necessary to carry out this demonstration: 400 rows spread over more than 30 plots of citrus fruits, stone and pome fruit, vineyard and olive tree, will be occupied by the exhibiting companies that will make the last available to the public advances in the mechanization of Special Crops. The welcome that the announcement of this new DEMOAGRO has had, at all levels (companies, public, media …), suggests that it is a successful project, so we hope that, despite the obstacles involved in holding an event in the field , the attendance of the public is in accordance with the interest that the companies are having in participating.

 What new features in terms of parcelling system levels will be presented?

Given the provision of plots in this area (its small-scale nature makes the separation between them more limited), the system of parcelling or allocation of spaces will be made by distributing rows (with a minimum of 4 rows, which can be left increasing from 2 to 2) depending on the type of crop chosen by the exhibitor, centralizing in a single plot the stands of exhibitors and sponsors, from which a route will depart to bring the visitor to all the plots in demonstration.

Why have decided to diversify Demoagro and bet on a call focused on tasks of preparation of land, harvesting and other special crops?

DEMOAGRO arose in response to the need of the associated companies of ANSEMAT to offer the professional farmer a dynamic showcase that actively showed the solutions and advances offered by their products. But not all the companies of the association commercialize machinery dedicated to extensive crops. Therefore, given the acceptance and success of the three editions of DEMOAGRO already held, ANSEMAT decides to respond to these companies and accepts the challenge of this new project that accommodates the machinery dedicated to Special Crops.

 What do you think the fact of linking two events like the VII Summit of AGRIEVOLUTION and Demoagro Specialty will bring?

Last year, the member countries of AGRIEVOLUTION, made the decision that ANSEMAT, as a member of the Alliance, organized the VII Summit in our country, given the interest that exists in knowing and promoting the technology that Spain offers as a reference in mechanization of Special Crops Bringing together the two events, will bring added value that will enrich both celebrations: Summit attendees (influential experts, academics, distributors, policy makers, …) will be direct spectators of a demonstration in which the main manufacturers and importers of This sector, while exhibiting companies of DEMOAGRO SPECIALTY will have the opportunity to establish interesting contacts and obtain information from the countries attending the Summit.

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