Decco solutions to extend the commercial life of citrus fruits

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Citrus fruits are very susceptible to rot caused by fungi that attack the fruit in various stages of its cultivation. Spain is among the main producers and exporters of citrus fruits worldwide and one of the great problems that this sector suffers are the numerous economic losses derived from postharvest diseases.

In order to reduce the incidence of these diseases, achieve the desired final quality and extend the commercial life of the fruits, it is necessary to apply a series of postharvest treatments.

In Decco Ibérica they are specialists in the treatment of citrus fruits in post-harvest and have a wide spectrum of fungicides for the control of pathogenic fungi in the post-harvest period.

Among its star products highlights Deccopyr, a new and powerful fungicide for citrus for the control of Penicillium spp., The fungus that causes the rotten.

It also has waxes that exert a protective and aesthetic work on the fruits, improving their appearance and slightly delaying the aging process, essential characteristics when exporting. In addition to offering a wide range of treatments for cleaning and disinfection, such as Deccosan FH., In order to avoid bacteria and fungi during transport.


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