Decco closes Fruit Attraction with the presentation of its new fungicides

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Decco Ibérica has participated one more year in Fruit Attraction, located next to the rest of the most important horticultural companies in the Valencian Community has moved to the fair 20 post-harvest specialists of Decco Iberia  to attend all customers visiting the stand and make it feel at home Together with them, they have also been able to analyze current market trends, with the multitude of innovations that have been presented at Fruit Attraction 2018. Pablo Sanchez, Sales Analyst & Marketing Manager of Decco Ibérica, tells us first hand, the main objectives with the who have arrived at this fair.

The stand of Decco Ibérica was presided over by an imposing orange tree, which shined with its own light and treated with one of its products: DECCO SPRAY wax. Decco Ibérica as a manufacturer of edible waxes and coatings for fruit and vegetables, presented an improved recipe for DECCO SPRAY wax, which gives an extra shine in fruits and leaves, especially for corsage and already made fruits. In addition, at its base were the new Zero Waste and Machinery catalogs, along with brochures of the company’s most important products.

Regarding the activities that have been carried out, the first day Tuesday 23 at 16: 30h Decco Ibérica presented in the INNOVA FORUM “Pyrimethanil in fumigant and liquid form: DECCOPYR and DECCOPYR POT”, with an assistance of important companies in fruits of bone and pepita, which could note the bonanzas and efficiencies that the two products based on Pyrimethanil registered by Decco Ibérica have.

An edition in which the main objectives have been met, which, as detailed by Pablo Sánchez, are “to get our clients to come to our house and be able to explain the innovations we have had during this last year. The most noteworthy novelties we have brought is the new zero waste catalog, we are working hard to implement these products in our portfolio, especially in products that can be applied in ecological culture, always talking about postharvest as the new registered post-harvest fungicide, the Only registered for khaki application, Deccopyr Pot “.

With this new product “based on 40% pyrimethanil,” the producers and confectioners of persimmon of our country “will be able to face the Alternaria”, and export to the whole world without any kind of fungal problems.

Without neglecting Deccopyr Pot, since its main register is for stone fruit and seeds, visits were made to specialized associations in the commercialization of these fruits to explain all the characteristics of the product.

The conclusion was very positive, since with Deccopyr Pot they will be able to treat without encountering MRL problems because Pyrimethanil has a low toxicity and a high efficiency. With this, Decco Ibérica is going to help many companies in the fruit sector to avoid millionaire losses due to the fungal action in stone fruits, pip fruits and persimmons.

Decco Ibérica has the only registered post-harvest fungicide for khaki application, Deccopyr Pot

One of the main concerns of the customers and visitors of the stand of Decco Ibérica was the DECCONATUR Line (Residuo Cero). With the presentation of the new catalog of Residuo Cero and the new incorporations of products to this line, including new product certifications in the CAAE and in Sohiscert. The DECCONATUR line becomes a benchmark in post-harvest applications for customers who do not want waste in fruit but with the highest product quality.

Also the NearHarvest line, with Deccoshield and Deccoscreen as main products, was the center of attention since it is an efficient application of sunscreens for all types of crops, such as melons, citrus fruits, vines, apples, pears, etc.

In conclusion, this edition of Fruit Attraction has been very interesting for Decco Ibérica, one more year it has allowed to expand its contacts, and show the application and all the information of its entire range of products while loyalty to current customers.


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