Cranberries, one of the five most important Chilean fruit products abroad

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The president of the Federation of Fruit Producers of Chile (Fedefruta) Jorge Valenzuela, considers that the national market is going through a “very good moment”. And, in his opinion, the demand for the fruit products of the country is showing an unprecedented boom.

From his office a list was drawn up with the five products of this area that are considered the most relevant for the Chilean export, which have put the eyes of the world on what is being harvested in these lands.

Blueberries: Fedefruta highlights the benefits of this fruit, but emphasizes the fact that it came to the country to “give a new face to Chilean fruit growing.” They emphasize that, thanks to blueberries, regions such as Biobío, Ñuble, La Araucanía and Los Lagos are becoming known worldwide. From the organism it is expected that the south of Chile consolidates itself as a power in the production and export of berries. “This fruit is breaking shipping records every season and there are reasons to believe that it will continue to be that way,” said Valenzuela.

The cherry: The Chilean cherry has doubled its shipments to destinations such as China during the last year, according to figures handled by Fedefruta. It highlights the interest of Asians for this national item, especially during the Chinese New Year. “Now, what we expect is that we will be able to produce cherries of larger sizes, given that the liquidations of the smaller sizes are not covering the costs,” said Valenzuela.

The nuts: The nut that is produced in Chilean territory has a very high impact in Latin American markets, the Middle East, Europe, and even regions of North Africa. Fedefruta stresses that the walnut trees are the main plantation that is obtained in the Metropolitan Region, and that it has made close to 14 thousand hectares planted. Areas such as Valparaíso, O’Higgins and El Ñuble are mentioned. “The trade war between China and the United States impacted the shipments of nuts abroad because when they were being sent to India, tariffs went up from 30% to 100%. We hope the waters calm down in the short term, “Valenzuela said.

The avocado: Fedefruta makes an important valuation on the avocado, considering that it treats of a fruit that “better represents us”, mainly because it is quoted at very good prices while further away it is sold. Valenzuela explained that the focus is on conquering the Chinese market with this product, which for them is new, and that the more they know about it, the better it will position itself in Chile.

Source: BlueBerries Consulting


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