Cradle of Platero closes the IV edition of “Fresayunando” with the participation of 2,500 children


Cuna de Platero has closed today the fourth edition of its food education program “Fresayunando. Healthy breakfast of Cuna de Platero “, a consolidated project in which 2,500 children have participated. In total, the fresayunos have led healthy eating and information on how to lead a healthy life to about 10,000 schoolchildren in these four years.

As explained by the president of the cooperative, José Manuel Márquez Gil, “this is a program with which we have been betting for four years now for disclosing to the schools of Moguer and its environment the importance of carrying in the early stages of life healthy eating, exercise and the consumption of fruits and vegetables, giving special prominence to our red fruits “.

The closing of this edition of the program took place at the Zenobia Camprubí school in Moguer, after having passed through the other two schools in the town: Pedro Alonso Niño and Virgen de Montemayor; San Juan Bautista, from San Juan del Puerto; and Las Salinas Children’s School, of Huelva. “The reception of these programs is what encourages us to repeat them every school year. Both the students and the educational community and their parents are very receptive. ” This program, which has had the collaboration of Cajamar Caja Rural, “aims to exceed the limits of the classrooms and create a deposit in them, which remains and continues to develop when we leave and reach their families, because this way we will be able to healthy habits, warm up and accompany them the rest of their days. ”

The school doctor of the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía Antonio Ladrero, has explained to the students of the school Zenobia Camprubí in this closing that “most of the people we serve in health centers come because of having a bad feeding and an unhealthy lifestyle. ” Therefore, has encouraged students to “have a healthy diet, enjoy nature, good social relationships, be happy and play sports every day.”

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In addition to the talks, the children receive teaching units – adapted to the age of the student – with which through its protagonists – Teresa the strawberry, Fernando the blueberry, Flora la mora and Adelita the raspberry – discover the healthy properties of these fruits. As well as a cookbook of healthy dinners, a backpack and school supplies.

The deputy director of the Cajamar office, Álvaro Navas, and the head of the school’s “Growing in Health” program, Toñi Díaz, were present at the closing ceremony.

In this edition of fresayunos, Cuna de Platero has brought to the classrooms the “Dilo con cranberries” campaign, launched by the Association of Producers and Exporters of Strawberry of Huelva (Freshuelva), of which the cooperative is a part. This initiative seeks to increase, through its knowledge, the consumption of blueberries nationwide. “We share a common goal: to increase the knowledge that consumers have of the red fruits”, not only of the fruit itself, but also of its beneficial properties for the organism, said Márquez.

This initiative is one of the actions of Social Responsibility of the cooperative with its social, environmental and economic environment.


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