Cooperativa Condes de Fuensalida presents to the international market its wine of semidulce pink needle of the variety Grenache


La Mancha cooperative Condes de Fuensalida has presented its “Semidulce Rosé Wine Grenache Variety” in Mexico, Holland and France. A novel and quality broth, which emerged three years ago, and which has become one of the star products of this company. The constant effort of the partners to create a different wine has been reflected in the elaboration of a light product of taking, with much needle and with high fruit load.

As reported by the cooperative’s winemaker, Antonio Moreno, “this is a well-known wine in our area that we are currently presenting at an international level in cities of countries such as Mexico, France and the Netherlands”. According to Moreno, the production of rosé wine until now had been limited, since only 15,000 bottles were produced. However, a greater number of units will be developed in the coming months.

The winery Condes de Fuensalida has an important national market niche. “We have clients with whom we have been working for several years, who rely entirely on our products. In the national market we are growing with respect to the elaboration and sale of quality wines from the area D.O.P. Méntrida“, points out the oenologist of this cooperative.

As far as foreign trade is concerned, this cooperative has clients in France, a country where the Grenache variety has very good acceptance and hopes to open markets in other places where its products are currently being presented. In the last years Bodegas Condes de Fuensalida has made a great effort of investment to adapt to the new times that the sector lives. “We have the latest technologies and means to produce high quality products, we look for differentiating nuances always bearing in mind the support offers us a unique Denomination of Origin, such as D.O.P. Méntrida”.

Currently, this cooperative is immersed in an expansion project, since its production has increased in the last years 1.5 million kilos of grape. “We have acquired new equipment aimed at producing higher quality wines,” says Antonio Moreno

Detail of the winery.

Detail of the winery.

The cooperative Condes de Fuensalida was founded in 1974 with the union of 60 winegrowers, whose ancestors had already dedicated themselves to the winemaking in an artisan way. At present, this winery has about 150 members and an own vineyard of 700 hectares. Its current production oscillates between 5.5 million kilos of grapes.

The winery, located in the town of Fuensalida, is located in the area with the highest grape production in the geographical area of the Méntrida Denomination of Origin. The land of origin of its grapes are located north of Toledo, between the Tagus River and the Sierra de Gredos. The Mediterranean climate – continental, offers the ideal conditions for the production of vine cultivation and favor the management of the vineyard in natural ecological conditions.

Quality as a foundation

Precisely, as stated by Antonio Moreno, the main objective is based on a business model based on the quality and design of products, and the opening of new markets. “We want to produce products that express the character of the land and the area, along with other nuances that make them unique”, says Moreno.

The majority of the vineyard of this cooperative is the Grenache variety. Also, very old vines are very abundant, with an average age over 40 years, conducted in glass, dry and with very low yields.

In the last years other varieties of grape (tempranillo, merlot, syrah, cabernet …) have been introduced that complement the native qualities of the Grenache

Centennial strains

This winery is working on a project called “Garnachas Centenarias”, an initiative based on the selection of very old vineyards from which they are making a wine from the Grenache variety with the purpose of obtaining once again a new product.

Regarding the possibility of carrying out a cooperative integration project, the winemaker believes in the merger as a formula for undertaking large marketing projects. Therefore, from the winery they trust in finding the ideal model that allows them to create a joint cooperative. “Energy, effort, respect and involvement are the fundamental pillars on which the Condes de Fuensalida cooperative is based,” says Antonio Moreno.

Source: Cooperativa Condes de Fuensalida

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