COMPO EXPERT Spain opens new facilities in Gran Canaria


COMPO EXPERT Spain has opened new facilities in Gran Canaria, specifically in the town of Telde. The presentation of the new warehouse, with an area of 1,500 m2, has served to showcase some of the company’s most innovative products, such as Kamasol® Aqua and Vitanica® RZ, which are of great interest to farmers in the archipelago.

An event attended by 150 technicians, distributors and farmers of all crops of the island, especially banana, and which was attended by several directors of COMPO EXPERT Spain, in addition to all sales staff in the Islands.

The new infrastructure consists of a ship of 1,500 m2 with a dock unloading on one side that will serve to cover the logistical needs of the island

During inauguration a review was made of the history of COMPO EXPERT from the times when it was a division of BASF until today, highlighting milestones of the company in the Canary Islands, as was the introduction of both pallets and bags of 25 kilos in the Canary Islands. Much of its historical trajectory came from the hand of the COMPO EXPERT delegate in the Canary Islands, Juan José Placeres.

Subsequently, specific strategies for biostimulation and preventive measures against soil diseases were presented, such as the use of Vitanica® RZ and NovaTec® Solub 21 BS (with increases of more than 10% in harvest ), and the advantages of Kamasol® Aqua in increasing the efficiency of water use and improvement of the wet soil bulb.

This investment demonstrates the interest of COMPO EXPERT in the particularization of agriculture and its proximity to the farmer


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