Bombal highlights Spain's efforts to include the gender perspective in the CAP

It shows the will of the Government to promote transversal and sectoral policies that combat inequalities, gender and territory.

"The agro-professional woman is the one that will mark the future of the field"

Under the slogan "More than equality" this event has highlighted the need for more training, digitization and necessary equality policies for women who already hold management positions in the agri-food sector.

"It will take years to see more women in positions of responsibility"

Teresa Gil is a young woman who, with only 28 years old, holds the position of Financial and Marketing Manager in the agricultural machinery company Sembradoras Gil.
Marta Padras, adjunta de dirección.

"Young people with naturalness to women in positions of responsibility"

In 1971, Josep María Pradas founded, together with his wife Maria Lluïsa Gené, JYMPA 1971 S.L., a family business currently run by the second generation, Marcel and Marta Pradas.

"We must act now and ask rural women what they need"

Montse Cortiñas, is vice general secretary of UPA, a position that involves making important decisions for the Spanish agrarian and livestock sector.

"The agrifood sector needs women engineers"

On the occasion of the International Day of Working Women, in Agro Woman and Agrarian Trade we want to value the work of thousands of women who perform an important task in the agri-food sector.
Rosario Arredondo, Pte. de Interprofesional InLac

"The cattle woman must take a step forward, make our work visible"

On November 27, Rosario Arredondo, dairy cattle rancher, assumed the position of president of the Interprofessional of the dairy sector, InLac, being the first woman to occupy this position.

“Women have been and are levers of modernization on farms"

On the occasion of March 8, International Day of Working Women, we interviewed women, men and companies that inspire equality in the agri-food sector. One of them is Cajamar Caja Rural, sponsor of the I Women Agro Awards.

Casa Gutier, Valgenetics, Ricardo Oteros and Mariló Corral, Mujer Agro 2018 awards

More than 100 representatives of the Spanish agri-food sector yesterday wrapped up the winners in the first edition of the Mujer Agro awards, an initiative developed by the communication agency Siete Agromarketing and the e-Commerce Agrario, which recognizes those people, entities and institutions that stand out for their task when it comes to achieving equal opportunities between men and women in the sector, promoting in turn the work of women in agriculture.

The jury fails the Agro Mujer Awards 2018

Yesterday took place the meeting of the members of the jury of the Premios Agro Mujer 2018 to choose the winners of the first edition. These awards are part of MUJER AGRO, a project created in 2017 by Siete Agromarketing and e-Comercio Agrario to visualize equal opportunities in the agri-food sector and promote, dialogue and awareness on the role of professional women in this agri-food industry and in the entire value chain.