The struggle for the empowerment and equality of a key figure continues, rural women

The World Day of Rural Women is celebrated on October 15th. The United Nations Assembly established this commemorative date one day after the celebration of World Food Day.

The Council of Ministers regulates subsidies to promote entrepreneurship and the participation of rural women

The Council of Ministers has approved, at the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, a royal decree establishing the regulatory bases for the granting of grants to entities of rural women at the national level, to boost the role of women in rural development for the call for 2018.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food awards the IX "Excellence Awards for Innovation for Rural Women"

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) has awarded the work of seven women linked to the rural world in the IX "Excellence Awards for Innovation for Rural Women".

The video of the Second National Forum on Agro-Professional Women, of Seven Agromarketing, is now available

SIETE Agromarketing has just launched the video on the 2nd National Forum Agribusiness - 'Agro-Professional Women. Under the motto 'equality is a task for everyone', which was held last June 27 in Toledo. An audiovisual summary that summarizes the most important moments of an event, which had an excellent reception from the public and a great impact on RR.SS.
Mujeres trabajando en el campo. Imagen: Ministerio de Agricultura de España.

The Ministry announces the IX edition of the "Excellence Awards for Innovation for Rural Women"

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has convened the ninth edition of the "Excellence Awards for Innovation for Rural Women" corresponding to 2018, in its four categories of "Excellence in innovation in agricultural activity", "Excellence in innovation in diversification of economic activity in rural areas "," Excellence in communication "and" Extraordinary prize for rural women's innovation ".

Education, training and communication: keys to increase the necessary empowerment of agro-professional women

The II National Forum Agribusiness - Agro-Professional Women has been held this morning in Toledo under the motto 'equality is a task of all', with a huge success of affluence, and an undeniable social awareness in favor of equal opportunities and diversity in the agri-food sector.

Toledo will host the 2nd National Forum Agribusiness - Agrifood Women

Siete Agromarketing and agricultural e-commerce, have the pleasure of inviting you to the '2nd National Forum Agribusiness - Agro-Professional Women', a meeting point that will open its doors in Toledo on June 27.

Siete Agromarketing calls the 'I Women Agro Awards'

The leading communication and marketing agency in the agri-food sector, Siete Agromarketing, and the first political and economic information newspaper, e-Comercio Agrario, call for the 1st Edition of the 'Mujer Agro Awards', promoting equal opportunities in the entire value chain of the agri-food sector.

The MAPAMA will publish in April a Manual of Shared Ownership of Farms

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) plans to publish a Manual of Shared Ownership of Farms in April, as was advanced in the second meeting of the working group on Shared Ownership, held on March 21st. With the participation of representatives of the autonomous communities, in this meeting the works carried out for this purpose were exposed. The guide includes an analysis by autonomous communities, a description of the process of registration in shared ownership and a block of frequently asked questions. It is aimed both at people interested in knowing the requirements necessary to register in a shared ownership, as well as at the managers and administrations involved in the process.

Fademur denounces the precarious pensions of rural women

In the current context of concern about the future of pensions, the Federation of Rural Women's Associations has pointed out that rural women are the poorest face of the pension system, the "most fragile" element, as stated in a press release. press. In the opinion of this organization, this is due to the gender gap that characterizes the Spanish rural environment, where the work of women "has been and is still invisible". Thus, the work of this group in front of agricultural operations is not mostly collected in the Social Security system, without losing sight of the fact that their job opportunities in the field are less than those of men or women in the cities. As a result of all this, when reaching the retirement age, rural women receive the lowest pensions: non-contributory and widowhood.