Daymsa collaborates in the IFAPA Las Cítricos Technical Citrus Workshops, which reaped a resounding success

Daymsa, a company specializing in biocontrol and biostimulants for agriculture, participated, on March 8, at the Citrus Technical Conference, held at the IFAPA center "Las Torres-Tomejil", in the Seville town of Alcalá del Río.

Fademur denounces the precarious pensions of rural women

In the current context of concern about the future of pensions, the Federation of Rural Women's Associations has pointed out that rural women are the poorest face of the pension system, the "most fragile" element, as stated in a press release. press. In the opinion of this organization, this is due to the gender gap that characterizes the Spanish rural environment, where the work of women "has been and is still invisible". Thus, the work of this group in front of agricultural operations is not mostly collected in the Social Security system, without losing sight of the fact that their job opportunities in the field are less than those of men or women in the cities. As a result of all this, when reaching the retirement age, rural women receive the lowest pensions: non-contributory and widowhood.

EU: Commission opens a Knowledge Center to boost quality and fight against food fraud

Starting tomorrow, March 13th, the European Commission will put into operation a Knowledge Center on Food Fraud and Food Quality, managed by the Joint Research Center, in response to consumer concerns about the quality of food. food and fraudulent food practices. This new Knowledge Center, a network of experts from within and outside the Commission, will provide support to EU policy makers and national authorities, facilitating access to up-to-date scientific knowledge and the sharing of information on food fraud. and on issues of food quality.

Fademur considers successful the feminist strike in rural areas

The organization of progressive rural women (Fademur) has been proud of the success of the feminist strike in the villages. "The feminist struggle is an exercise in courage that, unfortunately, requires even greater sacrifices in the rural environment, where everyone is known and the population is more permeable to change, so that struggle becomes more complex," he explained. Fademur. Therefore, the organization has been "very satisfied by the millions of women who, with much courage, have taken this claim to rural areas".

Rosario Martín opens as the first president of La Unión, coinciding with World Women's Day

The Union appoints president and CEO to Rosario Martín Maldonado, the first in the history of this Alhóndiga, coinciding with the celebration of International Women's Day. Martín, who will occupy this post for the next five years, succeeds Gabriel Barranco, who has served as president of this company for 20 years and becomes its honorary president. Both belong to the founding group of the company, created in 1993. The relay, approved today, March 8th, by the Board of Directors, places for the first time a woman at the highest level of responsibility in the Almeria agrarian sector.

The 11th day of Fertiberia on fertilization for Sustainable Agriculture analyzes the future trends in the sector

The Fertiberia Chair of Agro-environmental Studies celebrates its 11th Conference on Fertilization for Sustainable Agriculture on April 18th, under the heading "SECTOR OF FERTILIZERS, TRENDS OF THE FUTURE". This event will begin at 9 am in the Assembly Hall of the Higher Technical School of Agronomic, Food and Biosystems Engineering, Agronomists Building, of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. It will deal with a series of relevant issues that will affect multiple sectors related to agricultural activity and the environment.

"For Equality in Agrifood Cooperativism"

Institutional Statement of the movement of Cooperativist Women of Castilla-La Mancha, signed by its spokesperson, Carmen Vallejo Garcelán.

SIETE Agromarketing reaffirms with its Mujer Agro project its commitment to equal opportunities in the agri-food sector

From SIETE Agromarketing, this March 8th, Women's Day, we want to share our commitment to gender equality with the Women Agro project: in June 2018 we celebrated in Toledo the II National Forum of Agro-Professional Women, under the motto: "the equality is a task of Tod @ s. " We want to rescue the importance of women who occupy positions, positions and who, at the same time, are entrepreneurs, cooperatives and entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector. They are underrepresented in the political and economic decision-making spaces, where the majority representation tends to be masculine. That is why it is important to raise awareness of the inequality that still exists between men and women.

Jorge Aguilar: "The Phylgreen Chair is a training and information tool that helps us get closer to the farmer"

Tradecorp is a company of Spanish origin that in recent years has been steadily in the field of biostimulants and micronutrients, with a presence in more than 70 countries. The keys to its spectacular growth and international expansion in recent years are, among others, its strategic commitment to innovation, which aims to respond to the increasingly growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products, and for the transfer of knowledge and the results of their studies to the farmer. This is how the Phylgreen Chair was born, an initiative with which it intends to disclose to the producer the results of its laboratory research, fostering this commitment and its proximity to the agricultural sector. From this and many other concerns, we spoke with the Marketing Director of Tradecorp Phytonutrients, Jorge Aguilar.

Minsk®, Kenogard's star herbicide, the most effective and long-lasting solution against difficult weeds

Minsk®, Kenogard's star herbicide, the most effective and long-lasting solution against difficult weeds