Food waste in Spanish households increased in 2018

Según los datos recogidos en el Panel de cuantificación del desperdicio alimentario en los hogares, del Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación, los hogares españoles desperdiciaron entre enero y diciembre de 2018 un total de 1.339 millones de kg/l. de alimentos y bebidas, lo que supone un incremento del 8,9% con respecto al año anterior, es decir, 109 millones de kg/l más.

The Spanish Cotton Interprofessional is officially presented

The Cajasol Foundation hosted last February 14 the celebration of the III Forum "The Spanish Cotton Sector. Presente y Fututo ", where the Spanish Interprofessional was presented officially after recognition at the BOJA on December 28, 2018.

Florette launches two new salads with legumes and cereals

Florette presents two new salads that, for the first time, incorporate legumes and combine cereals with their delicious salad bases, along with a tasty vinaigrette. A way to enjoy cold and throughout the year salads with legumes and cereals in an individual format that includes a fork to drink at any time and place.

Florette supports the local and sustainable development of its areas of influence

Florette, a vegetable company from Navarre, ready for consumption, continues with its contribution to society and the surrounding environment and participates in various minority activities to support the local, economic and environmental development of its areas of influence. In addition to this concern to contribute to the areas where you have activity, also worries about the eating habits of the Spanish and puts all the resources that are in your hand to help people to feed better by creating practical and healthy products adapted to all tastes and needs.

Asaja criticizes the bad prices of cereal, which do not accompany the acceptable production

The president of Asaja Córdoba, Ignacio Fernández de Mesa, has informed that the harvest of the cereal is practically finished with prices very low, in relation to last year, which does not accompany the acceptable production reached during this campaign.

Timeline Trio® and Mirador Xtra®, news in the cereal days of GENVCE 2018

The National Center for Agricultural Training (CENCA) of San Fernando de Henares has hosted the VI edition of the Conference on Transfer and Innovation in Extensive Winter Crops organized by the Group for the Evaluation of New Varieties of Extensive Crops in Spain (GENVCE). A meeting point where farmers, students, cereal technicians and experts arrived from different parts of Spain and where, for the third year, ADAMA Agriculture Spain has been present to show the main solutions offered to professionals that are dedicated to the cultivation of winter cereal.

The Spanish harvest of cereal will rise 45% in 2018, according to the cooperatives

The sectoral council of Cereals of Agro-alimentary Cooperatives of Spain has realized this week a first estimation of the harvest of cereals of 22,5 million tonnes, what supposes a 45,4% more with regard to the past campaign.

The filtration of a tree of the new PAC generates great doubts among farmers and ranchers

The Union of Small Farmers and Cattle Ranchers has shown its uncertainty about the important reforms that the European Commission is proposing in its draft new Common Agricultural Policy. Although they recognize that the debate on the future CAP "has only just begun", it does seem that Brussels intends to design a more decentralized CAP, more audited and revised and greener. "Of course it does not seem that they intend to make life easier for the recipients, but complicate things even more," they say.

Chile opens a lemon market in the United States under a systems approach

The Ministry of Agriculture of Chile announced after 4 years of negotiations the approval by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the Department of Agriculture of the United States (USDA) the certification of Chilean lemons under Systems Approach. Thus, an alternative is offered that will allow our country to export lemons in higher quality conditions, since it avoids fumigation with methyl bromide, substantially improving the post-harvest conditions of this fruit to a market in which Chile is the main provider.

Europe: Brussels proposes to ban unfair business practices in the food supply chain

The European Commission has proposed on Thursday the ban on unfair commercial practices in the most harmful food supply chain in order to ensure fairer treatment for food and agricultural SMEs. The proposal also includes effective provisions to ensure its application: national authorities may impose sanctions in cases where it is established that there has been an infringement.