Paisaje agrícola, cultivos. Imagen: Dave Dyet / FreeImages

The evaluation of agricultural product promotion programs begins

The European Commission has started the process of evaluating the programs presented for the promotion of agricultural products in the EU and outside the EU by 2020, after the official call deadline ended last week.

ALAS chooses its government team, presided by Pedro Gallardo

The General Assembly of the Association ALAS (Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture), meeting last April 1 in Madrid, we chose the new team to lead the actions of the Alliance in the coming years.

The Gourmet Hall begins with the visit of Minister Planas

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, will attend this International Fair, today where the Ministry will announce the quality and variety of our food.

The Ministry delivers the Food Awards of Spain to the best aove

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has awarded the "Best Spanish Foods Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award, 2018-2019 campaign".

Rafael Guitián, new corporate financial director of Planasa

Guitián Fernández de Córdoba will be part of the executive committee of the Planasa group.

The Consultative Council of Agriculture analyzes the community work in relation to the regulations of the future PAC

The Agricultural Policy Advisory Council has analyzed the points to be discussed in the EU Council of Agriculture Ministers next week in Brussels.

Mapa and CCAA begin the preparation of the Strategic Plan of the CAP post 2020

The Secretary General of Agriculture and Food has chaired a meeting with representatives of the Autonomous Communities, to begin the work of preparing the Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy, post 2020.

Vegetable exports increase, fruit exports decrease

As for its economic value, fruit registered a better performance, with an increase of 1.4%, compared to + 0.4% for vegetables.

You can now apply for direct CAP aid for 2019

Since last February 1, the campaign for the application of aid from the CAP 2019 is underway, which will allow more than 716,000 producers to submit, until next April 30, the Single Application for Direct Aid from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) ), through which the producer can request all his aid at one time.
Cultivo de lechugas. Foto: BASF

The Combined Agricultural Insurance Law turns 40 years

Law 87/1978, of December 28, Combined Agricultural Insurance, meets tomorrow 40 years. This law was the first approved after the entry into force of the Magna Carta, which also now celebrates its 40th anniversary, and is the result of the Pacts of the Moncloa and the political consensus that occurred during the years of the Transition. It was one of the pillars of the clear commitment to the transformation and modernization of the agri-food sector, one of the most powerful and exporting industries in Spain, a country that was a pioneer in the approval of such a standard.