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MAPAMA will convene a working group to agree on measures against the structural crisis of the stone fruit

At the beginning of October, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) will convene a broad working group to agree on a package of measures aimed at unlocking the structural problems affecting the bone and pome fruit sector, according to the director general of Productions and Agricultural Markets, Fernando Miranda, during a meeting held on August 4th with representatives of the fruit and vegetable sector, to analyze the difficulties of the campaign of fruit of bone.

From today, you can apply for the aid of the Plan Renove de Maquinaria Agrícola

From today, August 2nd, and until next September 15th, farmers interested in modernizing their tractors and automotive machines will be able to apply for the aid of the Plan Renove de Maquinaria Agrícola 2017, whose announcement was published in the BOE, yesterday, 1st of August, by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA). This Plan of Renovation of the national park of agricultural machinery will count on a budget of 5 million euros.

The MAPAMA increases up to 200M€ supports drought

The Ministry of agriculture and fisheries, food and environment (MAPAMA) will increase to 200 million euros credit funded owners of farms affected by the drought, as set out in the Ministerial order issued on August 1st in the official State Bulletin (BOE). Such aid, which will help alleviate the difficulties in the access to credit of these farms, will be managed through guarantees of the State Corporation Caución Agraria (SAECA).

Spain: MAPAMA and the sector work together to export cherry to the Thai market

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) and the cherry producing sector work together to open the Thai market to Spanish exports of this fruit. As part of this negotiation, inspectors from the Office of Development and Research for Plant Protection of the Thai Department of Agriculture inspected cherry farms in Aragon and Extremadura in July.

EU: Spain confirms leader in organic farming

According to the first data of the organic production in our country, facilitated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAPAMA), Spain is confirmed the first EU country by surface, surpassing two million hectares. It is also among the top five producers in the world.

Spain: non-renewal of glyphosate would mean losing € 2.1bn and 5,000 jobs

According to the Socioeconomic Impact Study of Conservation Agriculture and the non-renewal of the authorization of glyphosate in Spain, prepared by the PricewaterhouseCoopers (Pwc) consultancy, to dispense with glyphosate-based herbicides would be a negative economic impact for our country. Would amount to 2,124 million euros, in terms of production, equivalent to 0.10% of National Production. In terms of employment, the losses that would result from the non-renewal of the use of this substance are estimated at about 5,000 jobs.
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25% of photovoltaic plants for self-consumption have agricultural use

The 25% of the photovoltaic plants for self consumption that are raised in national territory are destined to the agricultural activity, mainly to the cultures of irrigation. Specifically, in the last three years, solar plants with a total production capacity of around 25 megawatts (equivalent to 90 football fields) have been installed in the Spanish agricultural sector, which will allow irrigators to save up to 60% in electricity, Once the investment in the plates is amortized.

Spain will ask the EC for the advance of 70% of the CAP aid, as a measure to mitigate the effects of drought

Spain will request the European Commission to advance 70% of the payment of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) aid, so that the Autonomous Communities that so wish can pay them from October 16th, as has advanced the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, at the entrance of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of the European Union, held on 12th June in Luxembourg.