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EU: escalation of EU imports of vegetables from Morocco, Turkey and Egypt

Community imports of vegetables from Morocco, Turkey and Egypt have experienced an unstoppable climb in recent years. A trend that has been reinforced in the first four months of 2017, compared to the same period of the previous year, with growth of 17% in the case of Morocco, 51% in Turkey and 20% in Egypt, according to the latest data updated by the Office of Statistics of the European Union (Eurostat), processed by FEPEX.

Verd Camps Fruits, first European company certified in the calculation of water footprint and carbon in watermelon

Verd Camp Fruits, associated with Grupo AGF since 2007, is the first European company to be certified in the calculation and verification of its water and carbon footprint for the cultivation of Fashion watermelon, being the first time a horticultural production company has evaluated sustainability and water and carbon efficiency in the cultivation of watermelon, in general, and Fashion watermelon, in particular.
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The EC will apply to the Court of Justice if Italy is not more forceful against the Xylella

The European Commission has called on Italy to take stronger and more effective measures to stop the spread of Xylella fastidiosa. Otherwise, it is proposed to take the transalpine country to the EU Court of Justice, according to an opinion issued after the report of the visit last November of community inspectors to the Puglia region, affected by new outbreaks , and to which the UNIÓ of Llauradors i Ramaders has had access.

EU: Spain confirms leader in organic farming

According to the first data of the organic production in our country, facilitated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAPAMA), Spain is confirmed the first EU country by surface, surpassing two million hectares. It is also among the top five producers in the world.
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The wine sector, satisfied by the EU-Japan agreement that will boost sales to this country

The wine sector has celebrated the principle of a trade agreement recently reached between the European Union and Japan, which will give a strong boost to wine exports to the Japanese market. Thus, the Economic Partnership Agreement with Japan, which could enter into force in 2019, eliminates import tariffs and includes protection for geographical indications.
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The EU achieves a principle of agreement that will open Japan to its main agricultural exports

On 6th July, the EU and Japan reached an agreement in principle on the fundamental elements of a future Economic Partnership Treaty, which will be the most important bilateral trade agreement ever concluded by the European Union. Among other issues, this agreement will open the Japanese market to key agricultural exports of the Union, increasing opportunities in various sectors.
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Future challenge of the EU budget: to finance more with less resources

The European Commission reopens the debate on the future of EU finances with the publication on 28th June of a reflection paper which explains the difficult challenge facing the future EU budget: financing more with fewer resources, a challenge posed by a a political scenario marked by the Brexit and that forces to reflect on the design of policies in key areas of action such as agriculture or cohesion.