Socialist MEPs denounce possible CETA's failure to eliminate tariffs on European wine

The Spanish Socialist MEPs, Clara Aguilera and Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero, have presented a question to the European Commission, regarding a possible infringement by Canada in compliance with the CETA, with regard to the abolition of tariffs on European wine. Thus, in their request, they ask the Commission if they can confirm in writing that Canada complies, within the framework of the CETA free trade agreement, with the limitation of the "off-site winery retail stores" and if it has abolished the application of tariffs. residuals to European wine.

EU: the agreement with Mercosur would cause losses in livestock of 2,700 million per year

The free trade agreement between the EU-Mercosur, which is currently immersed in the sixth round of negotiations, would have a very negative impact on 20% of our final livestock production, causing losses of 2,700 million euros per year. This is reflected in the Impact Study prepared by the COAG Technical Services based on the official data to which this organization has had access on the main concessions that are considered during the rounds of negotiations.

Juan Marín relieves Jorge Brotons as president of Eucofel

The candidate of FEPEX, Juan Marín, was elected last December 5, in Brussels, president of the European Association of the Trade of Fruits and Vegetables of the EU, EUCOFEL, taking over from the current president of FEPEX, Jorge Brotons.

The EC calls for a more flexible, sustainable CAP with greater powers for the EE.MM

The European Commission calls for a more flexible, equitable and sustainable Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that guarantees the future of agriculture and food, as stated in a communication adopted on November 29th, which outlines the principles that go to allow this common EU policy, the oldest of all, to remain effective in the future.

EU: the Spanish field breathes, after authorizing the Commission the use of glyphosate for five more years

The Spanish countryside breathes easy, after meeting on November 28th the decision of the European Commission to finally authorize, for five more years, the use of the glyphosate herbicide. Gone are two years of negotiations and extensions that has had our agricultural sector in suspense, since, Spain would have been the country that would have been harmed the most, if the pressures for its prohibition have prospered, as it is assured from the agrarian union UPA. For its part, the ALAS alliance, which integrates UPA and ASAJA, Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España, FEPEX, and the Spanish Association of Conservation Agriculture / Living Soils, appreciates that the official scientific agencies of the EU have been heard. endorse the use of this product, although it regrets that the renewal has not been for the fifteen years allowed by the regulations.

Consumption and new trends in the distribution of fruits and vegetables

The distribution sector in Spain is very different from what happens in the rest of the European Union where large chains control over 90% of agri-food. Aldi, Socomo (subsidiary purchases of fruit and vegetables Carrefour), Lidl, Auchan-Alcampo, Edeka in Germany and Tesco in the United Kingdom are some of the owners of the distribution of the fresh in Europe, as is Mercadona in Spain, although not in the same proportion because the distribution is much more balanced than in the rest of European markets.

Agritechnica 2017: BKT inaugurates its multi-subject campaign "A long way together"

The tire brand BKT has inaugurated in Agritechnica 2017 its new multi-subject campaign "A long way together" ("a long way together"), which gathers the witness of the previous campaign and transmits effectively the essence of the BKT brand in the different sectors of tire employment.

Massey Ferguson deploys its latest collection at Agritechnica 2017

The agricultural machinery firm Massey Ferguson has taken advantage of its presence in Agritechnica 2017 to make known some of its new products. Thus, while its new portfolio is consolidating, each and every one of the machines that have been presented at the Massey Ferguson stand at Agritechnica are completely new, from tractors to harvesters, packers, forage and telescopic machinery.

EU: Member States support the new standards for organic farming

The European Commission has assessed as a decisive step the support that Member States have expressed on November 20th, for the approval of new standards for organic farming, which would establish a simplified legal framework that would cover all producers, since be from the EU or from third countries exporting to the EU.

Agritechnica 2017 faces Agriculture 4.0 from a global perspective

It is not only about reducing emissions, the path of digitalization towards agriculture 4.0 (two steps beyond the "precision farming" and that the "Smart farming") goes towards a more global approach, which seeks the reduction of the footprint of carbon.