Professionals from Peru and Colombia receive training on new export requirements to the USA

Peru and Colombia prepare to meet new export requirements to the US Thus, 59 professionals from both countries have been trained in compliance with the rules of the FSMA Act, which regulates the export of processed products to the United States, through a training program in which the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation Agriculture (IICA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) collaborate.

Colombia: Mango exports grew significantly in 2016

Colombian mango exports have experienced a significant increase in 2016 compared to 2015, from 283 tons of that year to a total of 403t, according to the deputy minister of Agriculture and Livestock Affairs, Juan Pablo Pineda. In their opinion, these data show the great commercial and productive potential of this sub-sector whose main markets are Canada and the European Union (mainly countries like Spain, France and Portugal).

IICA and Finland promote the use of renewable energy among farmers in the Andean region

More than 12,000 rural men and women in the Andean region (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) have replaced traditional energy use with renewable energy, thanks to the Energy and Environment Partnership with the Andean Region (AEA), developed by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland (MAEF).

The IRTA Porcine Database serves the Colombian producer sector

The BDporc, the Porcine Database of the Institute of Research and Technology Agro-food (IRTA) of the Catalan Autonomous Government, will serve the Colombian pork industry, according to the agreement signed by the Executive President of the Colombian Association of Porcult Farmers PORKCOLOMBIA), Carlos Alberto Maya Calle, and the general director of IRTA, Josep M. Monfort.

Colombia develops a plan to strengthen the cocoa trade and promote their access to new markets

The Ministry of Agriculture of Colombia (MinAgricultura), Fedecacao…

Meat 'halal' Colombian for Arab Emirates

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia (MinAgricultura) has completed the achievement of getting from the demanding Arab market, and specifically the United Arab Emirates, the green light to imports of beef from that Latin American country. As reported by the head of the agricultural portfolio, Aurelio Iragorri Valencia, "this has been the result of joint government and institutions work, as the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), aimed at getting the Colombian meat reaches the tables of the world ".

Colombia prioritizes rural development to reduce poverty and inequality

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Colombia Development (MINAGRICULTURA) prioritizes five public policies to boost development in rural areas, through a new work plan to be developed jointly with the Agricultural Society of Colombia (SAC) and which aims to increase the incomes of farmers and reduce poverty in the countryside.

Magical realism of Colombia Seeding

Colombia is magical realism, also in its agricultural sector. The coming-of Siembra Colombia (main project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) was held under the slogan "Food Sovereignty and pantry in the world", something that leaves to be curious.

Latin America: Innovation and sustainability, economic centers for the development of agriculture

Under the IX International Forum on innovation for sustainable agriculture in Latin America, renowned speakers will talk about the economic challenges of the region and innovation as an essential way for development.

OECD consensus seeks to achieve a more productive and sustainable global food system

The aim of the Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is to achieve a consensus among the ministers on the principles of agricultural policies to achieve a new policy paradigm for agriculture and feeding the world.