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Argentina to increase its food exports to China through online sales

Alibaba Group has launched a new program that will allow Chinese consumers to buy Argentinean food in their online platform Tmall Fresh. An initiative that will increase the presence of Argentine fresh produce in the People's Republic of China and which has been the result of joint efforts by the Argentine Agency of Investment and International Trade and the Ministry of Agroindustry of the Nation.
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Argentina: 0.5% will be reclassified to organic products or covered by quality certificates

The Ministry of Agro-industry of the Republic of Argentina has recently published a resolution in the Official Gazette so that they can access to the refund of 0.5% additional those companies whose products have the status of Organic, with the right to use the Seal "Argentine Food, a Natural Choice", or have Denomination of Origin, or Geographical Indication.
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Argentina: grain harvest will exceed 130Mt despite floods

Argentina's grain production will exceed 130 million tonnes, despite the latest floods in different parts of the country, particularly in the northwestern regions of Buenos Aires, southern Santa Fe and southeast Córdoba, according to the latest estimates made by the Ministry of Agro-industry of the Republic of Argentina, through the Direction of Agricultural Estimates, under the Agriculture Subsecretary.

Argentina: Government encourages the production of food with certified quality

In order to boost the production of food with certified quality and facilitate companies to generate added value, the Ministry of Agroindustry of Argentina has launched the National Program for Promotion of Official Certificates of Quality in Argentine Food "Add Value". An initiative designed to encourage micro, small and medium enterprises producing and/or producing food and/or beverages, with funding reaching up to 200,000 pesos.
Alimentos Orgánicos

Latin America and the Caribbean are committed to organic farming

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) agglutinate 15% of the global organic area, with 6.8 million hectares under organic production. Currently, worldwide 43.7 million hectares certified for organic production are recognized, representing 1% of the land suitable for global production.
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Argentina and China cooperate in biotechnology

Argentina and China are working on cooperation in biotechnology. To this end, the Argentine Ministry of Agro Industry through the undersecretary of bioindustry, Mariano Lechardoy, has led a mission to the People's Republic of China to co-chair a meeting of the Working Group Chinese-Argentinian in Biotechnology, taking place until Thursday, July 28th.

Argentina close ties with the US Department of Agriculture and the World Bank

The Ministry of Agro Industry of Argentina (Minagro) has strengthened ties with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the World Bank, following meetings recently held by his undersecretary of Agriculture, Luis Urriza, with representatives of both entities. Some encounters that served to see estimates of agricultural production and the National Irrigation Plan.

Argentina will host for the first time the Assembly of the Inter-American Commission for Organic Agriculture

From 8th to August 10th, Argentina will host for the first time the Ordinary Meeting on Organic Production Food of the Inter-American Commission for Organic Agriculture (CIAO). In the eighth edition of this Assembly, to be held in Buenos Aires, the proposed work plan for the period 2016-2017 will be presented. After this event, on August 11, will take place the International Seminar on Organic Production, organized by the Ministry of Agro Industry of Argentina (Minagri).
Luján, Provincia de Buenos Aires. Panal de abejas con miel, en el marco de un control sanitario de colmenas o monitoreo (técnica denominada "prueba del frasco") que se realiza periódicamente en momentos claves del ciclo productivo, por un profesional del Programa Nacional de Sanidad Apícola.

Argentina: alert for presence in Brazil of the hive beetle

Argentina has declared a state of health alert throughout the country by the presence in apiaries of Sao Paulo (Brazil) of the small hive beetle (PEC). It is a plague of high impact for beekeeping, which has never been detected in this country, so the purpose of this measure is to avoid serious productive and commercial damage that would result from its entrance.
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Argentina: two years more to export milk powder to Brazil

An Argentina delegation of private sector actors and the Ministry of Agro-industry of this country, through the Secretariats Dairy and Markets closed on June 6 in the city of Brasilia an agreement to extend, for the following 24 months, milk powder exports to Brazil. This agreement, of paramount importance to the dairy industry, aims to promote in the world Argentine products with added value.