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Spain: Tejerina highlights the advances of the wine sector in competitiveness and sustainability

The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina has highlighted the progress made by the Spanish wine sector, "which today is more competitive, transparent and sustainable." García Tejerina, who made these statements during the presentation, on November 14th, of the Promotion Campaign "Marida mejor tu vida con vino", by the Spanish Wine Interprofessional (OIVE), has also highlighted the world leadership of our country in planted area of vineyard.

Spain: hydrographic confederations coordinate to anticipate possible drought scenarios

The drought has focused a coordination meeting between the different Hydrographic Confederations, chaired by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina and held at MAPAMA headquarters. The meeting has served to take stock of all the measures adopted since 2015, when the drought situation in the Júcar and Segura basins was decreed; to assess the application of the drought plans in all the basins; and analyze the answers to the possible scenarios, which allow serving the population in all of them.
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García Tejerina advances that MAPAMA will lead a Working Group on Digital Transformation in Agriculture

The Minister Isabel García Tejerina has advanced that MAPAMA will lead a Working Group on Digitization and Big Data in agriculture, in the course of its intervention in the II Forum on Digital Transformation and Big Data in Agriculture, which was held on the 8th November in Madrid and has gathered more than 400 attendees. As reported by the minister, the purpose of this initiative is to address the needs of the sector and the rural environment to meet the technical, economic, training and legislative challenges of the digital transformation.
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Spain: the Government appeals before the Court of Justice of the EU the fine for pastures to Andalusia

As recently reported, in the Congress of Deputies, the Secretary General of Agriculture and Food, Carlos Cabanas, the Government of Spain has filed a complaint with the Court of Justice of the European Union, to try to reduce or cancel the fine imposed by the European Commission to Andalusia, for the financial correction derived from the problems in the admissibility of pasture lands in European agricultural aid between 2009 and 2013. A claim based on the disproportionality of the sanction.
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Agritechnica 2017 faces Agriculture 4.0 from a global perspective

It is not only about reducing emissions, the path of digitalization towards agriculture 4.0 (two steps beyond the "precision farming" and that the "Smart farming") goes towards a more global approach, which seeks the reduction of the footprint of carbon.

UPA urges the Government to take urgent measures against a "historic" drought

The Union of Small Farmers (UPA) has urged the Government of Spain to adopt urgent measures against a drought that qualifies as "historic". The shortage of rains since last autumn has led our country to an emergency situation that however, as denounced by the UPA agrarian organization, is "ignored" by the Government. Farmers and ranchers say they feel "abandoned and surprised" in the absence of a management plan for a crisis of great gravity.
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LA UNIÓ denounces the proliferation of South African oranges on the shelves, despite not being exported due to the presence of pests

LA UNIÓ de Llauradors has denounced that many Valencian supermarkets have the orange-filled lines of South Africa, despite having more than enough local supply to provide the markets and the fact, even more worrying, that the South African citrus sector has suspended its exports to the European Union, due to the presence of the disease of pests, among them the Black Spot (Citrus Black spot), in shipments.

AEPLA questions the impartiality and rigor of the IARC regarding glyphosate

AEPLA, a business association that represents the phytosanitary ware manufacturing sector in Spain, criticizes the conflict of interests and the lack of rigor in the IARC, an agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), regarding glyphosate. In fact, in the last weeks and months there has been a constant trickle of information published as a result of journalistic investigations carried out by international agencies and relevant media from different parts of the world about irregularities of that agency, whose report served to justify the positions they advocate. Do not renew an essential tool that has been used for agricultural and non-agricultural uses for more than 40 years.
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Amazon revolutionizes distribution companies with e-commerce

The purchase of fruit and vegetables on the Internet is proceeding very slowly and represents a minimum quota in relation to the total volume of fruit and vegetables marketed in Spanish households. But something is changing with the entry of Amazon and the future is exciting.

PROVACUNO is promoted in the Arab countries

The Interprofessional Organization of Beef of Spain (PROVACUNO) will begin its promotional activity in the Arab and North African countries this November. The starting point will be Egypt, in order to establish, and strengthen commercial ties with the Spanish beef sector, through actions such as a day of presentation of the beef of Spanish origin addressed to the most important Egyptian chefs , which will be held at the prestigious Egyptian Chefs Association. In this interesting day, the Spanish chefs Kisko García and Fernando del Cerro will show the versatility of the Spanish beef in the traditional and avant-garde cuisine, as well as their possibilities in the Egyptian culinary customs.