The sectoral table of olive oil analyzes the actions of the Ministry

The Director General of Productions and Agricultural Markets, Esperanza Orellana, chaired on Tuesday, July 16, the Sectoral Table of olive oil and table olives, which has analyzed the situation of the sector and the actions taken by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in relation to the self-regulation mechanisms requested by the sector.

Planas highlights quality as an element to strengthen new markets

Minister Luis Planas took part this Wednesday in the inauguration of the XIX edition of the International Fair of Olive Oil and Related Industries, "Expoliva 2019", which takes place in Jaén from May 15 to 18.

Continental presents its innovations for the agricultural sector in EXPOLIVA 2019

The Continental technology company will be present for the first time at the International Fair of Olive Oil and Related Industries - EXPOLIVA, the most important international event for this type of cultivation, which will be held from May 15 to May 18 next in Jaén.

Spanish olive exports fall by 5%

According to data from the General Directorate of Customs, olive exports fell by 5% in 2018, from 308,380 tons to 292,

Millions lost for Spain with the export of black olive to the US

The exportation of black olive from Spain to the US falls by 60% in the August-November 2018 period, the first four months of application of final tariffs, going from 11.2 million kilos to 4.4 (-6.8 million kilos).

Olidetec, the new alert system and geolocation of crop thefts allows you to control it from your mobile

Can you imagine being able to control your crops from the mobile? Today it is a real thanks to Olidetec, a geolocation device that alerts the owner of the crops of the thefts and allows to geolocalize the fruits.

The fall of exports of black olives from Spain to the USA is aggravated

Spanish exports of black olives to the US fell by 72% in August-September, the first two months of application of the final tariffs imposed on imports from Spain, amounting to 35%, according to data from the US Department of Customs.

The export of Spanish olive oil has tripled since 2000

The export of Spanish olive oil has experienced an upward trend in the last 17 years, going from 400,000 tons in 2000 to more than 922,000 tons exported in 2017, both bulk and packaged. If we take into account, only the oils packed in what we have been in the 21st century have tripled, which implies an increase of 278%.

Cocktails made with extra virgin olive oils from Spain triumph at night in Paris

Olive Oils from Spain continue to fly aboard Iberia all over the world. The most punctual airline in 2017 continues to bring the benefits of one of the pillars of the Mediterranean Diet to consumers around the world. On this occasion, Olive Oils from Spain have been present at the launch of the new image and the renewed services of the company area in Paris, at the Hôtel d'Évreux. An event in which renowned informants, prescribers, clients and tourism professionals from the French country have been cited, who have been able to verify the versatility of the extra virgin olive oils from Spain as a novel ingredient in avant-garde cocktails.

Good expectations in the olive oil market

After knowing the last data corresponding to the monthly declarations that the operators of the olive sector make to the Food Information and Control Agency, (AICA), it is verified that, in August, month that traditionally is characterized by a reduction of operations, it has been maintained a very positive rhythm of departures. In fact, it could have been put on the market around 105,000 t., Considering imports of 10,000 t., Which would represent the third highest figure for a month of August of the last 6 campaigns.