Todolivo: a visit to the 'zone 0' of the Xylella fastidiosa

Part of the technical team of the company from Córdoba, Todolivo, made a trip, along with IFAPA researcher Lorenzo León and doctoral student Alicia Serrano, last September to the region of Bari, where is located 'zone 0' of the Xylella fastidiosa . The objective, to know first hand its effects and the latest advances that are made in the fight against this bacterium.

Spain: new record in turnover of olive exports of the 2016/17 campaign

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA), has published the bulletin of foreign trade of olive oil corresponding to the 2016/17 campaign, which shows a new record of turnover, with a value that exceeds in more than 600 million € the previous campaign.

International olive growing: singularization as an incremental differentiation strategy

Opinion article on singularization as a differentiation strategy, written for ECA by Juan Vilar, strategic consultant and international expert in Olive Economics.

SIETE Agromarketing launches the summary booklet with the main keys of the II Business Agro Teaching Forum on Olivar

For olivicultores and professionals linked to the olive sector who missed the II Business Agro on Olivar Tertulia, held on October 25th by SIETE Agromarketing and Agricultural e-Commerce (ECA), in the Botanical Garden of Córdoba, we have good news: they already have at their disposal the summary booklet in which the highlights of that event and its main keys and conclusions are collected.

The Andalusian cooperatives warn of the tight availability of oil for this campaign

In its last Sectorial Council of Olive Oil, held in Jaén, Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de Andalucía has warned of the tight availability of oil that will be available to supply the market, given the good commercialization index of the 2016-17 season and, above all, considering the important productive decline that is expected in the current one. A decrease due to the persistent drought suffered by the field and that is affecting the olive trees, which are already dragging a water deficit of several years. All this would lead to a disastrous 2018/19 campaign, taking into account that 70% of the Andalusian olive grove is rainfed.

The Priego de Córdoba PDO obtains the first prizes of the 2017/18 campaign

The Protected Designation of Origin "Priego de Córdoba" has received the first prizes of the 2017/18 campaign, after being awarded some of its oils in The Best Products Awards of the Natural Spaces of Andalusia.

Todolivo starts, with the harvest, the final evaluation phase of its genetic improvement test field

With the harvest of the trial field at the 'La Mata' farm, in the municipality of Villafranca de Córdoba, Todolivo has started the second and final evaluation phase of its Genetic Improvement Program. This is the most important test of its kind worldwide and one of the most significant that this company has launched. A project that was born with the aim of obtaining new varieties for Olivar en Seto that improve existing ones and that allow enriching and expanding the current organoleptic catalog, with new EVOOs of different flavors and aromas.

USA: Asemesa warns that the investigation against the Spanish olive question the EU aid system

The Association of Exporters and Industrialists of Table Olives (ASEMESA) warns that the investigation of the Department of Commerce of the United States against the black olive of Spanish table question the system of aid of the European Union, and could have far-reaching consequences for all the agricultural sector of the EU.

US punishes with tariffs the Spanish export of table olives

The latest measure by the Donald Trump government to protect its agro-food productions to the detriment of international trade has been a severe blow to the Spanish table olive sector, whose exports will be taxed with a tariff. The first reactions to a measure that had been brewing since this summer, when Californian olive-table companies filed a complaint against the Spanish olive, accusing it of unfair competition, have not been delayed. Thus, the Union of Small Farmers and Cattle Ranchers (UPA) urges the EU to express itself immediately and forcefully against this "illegal and unjust" tariff, which will represent a commercial barrier of between 2 and 7%.

Felipe Oliva: "In Todolivo we prioritize the multivariety and personalization of farms, as keys in the production of quality AOVES"

On the occasion of the II Business Agro on olive grove, held on October 25th in Cordoba, ECA had the opportunity to speak with one of its speakers, Felipe Oliva, technical director in Spain of Todolivo, a pioneer in the development of plantations of Olive in Seto and irrigation and sponsor of this event, organized by SIETE Agromarketing. With it we have addressed essential aspects for the quality of all Extra Virgin Olive Oil that boasts, such as the commitment to multivarietal crops and customized according to the needs of its customers.