171110_Exportaciones de Porcino Segovia

The pig exports of Segovia between January and August exceeded € 8.5M

Exports of meat and pork products from Segovia have exceeded 8.5 million euros between January and August 2017, representing an increase of 8.3% over the same period last year, according to the director of the company. the Interprofessional of Porcino de Capa Blanca (INTERPORC), Alberto Herranz, in the presentation held on November 7th of the 'Pork Lovers Tour' campaign.
171108_9º Congreso Origen España_JABUGO

Jabugo hosts the IX Congress of the appellations of origin of Spain

The Spanish Association of Denominations of Origin (Origin Spain), celebrates its ninth Congress and General Assembly in Jabugo, on November 8th, 9th and 10th, 2017. This time the Congress is organized by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Protected (PDO) Jabugo, for what is celebrated in its headquarters located in the emblematic El Tiro Building, in the municipality of Jabugo.

PROVACUNO is promoted in the Arab countries

The Interprofessional Organization of Beef of Spain (PROVACUNO) will begin its promotional activity in the Arab and North African countries this November. The starting point will be Egypt, in order to establish, and strengthen commercial ties with the Spanish beef sector, through actions such as a day of presentation of the beef of Spanish origin addressed to the most important Egyptian chefs , which will be held at the prestigious Egyptian Chefs Association. In this interesting day, the Spanish chefs Kisko García and Fernando del Cerro will show the versatility of the Spanish beef in the traditional and avant-garde cuisine, as well as their possibilities in the Egyptian culinary customs.
170531_director PROVACUNO

PROVACUNO faces a new stage, emphasizing internationalization and national consumption

The Interprofessional Beef Organization (PROVACUNO) faces a new stage in which it will prioritize as objectives internationalization and internal consumption, as it informed during its act of longing, celebrated last May 29th in Madrid. Thus, this Interprofessional Organization has launched an ambitious Internationalization Plan, which will be developed during the period 2017-2021, to promote Spanish beef in foreign markets. Likewise, work is being done to ensure that Spanish consumers adequately value domestic beef, according to the director of PROVACUNO, Javier López.

The D.O.P Ham of Huelva is officially registered as D.O.P Jabugo

The European Commission recently published in the Official Journal of the European Union (DOUE) implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/385 approving the change of name of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Ham of Huelva which, finally, it is registered as Denomination of Origin Protected (PDO) Jabugo. This Regulation shall enter into force on the 20th day following its publication and shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States.
170213_Balance DOP Jabugo1

The Jabugo DOP, only a step for its registration by the EU

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Jabugo is only one step away from its registration by the European Union Commission, having concluded the deadline so that from any country in the world it could be submitted allegations to this mention of quality, which means that it is only necessary to close this Community procedure.
170131_Paulo Soares y Paulino Tello

ANICE creates a specific working group for large meat companies

The National Association of Meat Industries of Spain (ANICE) has recently created a new business group within its organization, specifically oriented towards the large meat industry. Its objective will be the analysis and channeling of the concerns and initiatives of the largest meat companies. The new Business Group has elected Paulo Soares, CEO of Campofrío for Southern Europe, as president, and Paulino Tello, CEO of Industrias Cárnicas Tello, as vicepresident.

Lamb meat continues to gain fans

According to the latest market study commissioned by the Interprofessional Agro-Food Organization of Sheep and Goats (INTEROVIC), the upward trend in lamb meat consumption in Spain continues, reinforcing the increase recorded last year. This fact confirms the success of the European program of promotion to increase the consumption of meat of lamb and suckling lamb, that has been developing for two years in our country.
161007_Phil Hogan

Phil Hogan and Isabel García Tejerina, at the opening of the Third International Forum Porcino

European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan, and the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, open the Third International Forum Porcino, organized by the Interprofesiona Organization Porcine Whitecloak (INTERPORC), which will be held on October 14th, at the Hotel Villa Magna in Madrid under the slogan "the strength of a leader".