Spain: the pressure of the dairy industry threatens the existence of 25% of dairy sheep farms

25% of the Spanish farms of sheep of milk could close in 2018, due to the strong pressures that big dairy industries are transferring to the farmers. Both the prices that these companies are offering to the producers, and the conditions of the contracts put, as denounced by the agrarian organization UPA, in "serious risk of disappearance" to many farms.

FERCAM rewards the eight best manchego cheese of 2017

The competition of quality that celebrates the National Fair of the Field in Manzanares (FERCAM), that with 29 editions is one of the most prestigious and valued of the sector, has awarded the eight best manchego cheeses of the year in its different categories. Thus, in the section of curados and semi-cured, respectively, cheeses "Diaz Miguel" and "Montescusa" are imposed in the industrial category, while "Marantona" and "Chisquero" do in the artisanal.

Inlac initiates a campaign that promotes the consumption of three dairy products per day as the basis of a healthy diet

The Interprofessional Organization that encompasses the entire Spanish dairy sector, Inlac, has presented on 14th June a campaign aimed at improving the knowledge and perception of dairy products, whose consumption, despite being essential elements for a balanced diet, it does not at present reach the necessary amounts for a correct feeding. Through rigorous information, which bases its messages on the work of a Scientific Committee composed of experts of recognized prestige, this initiative seeks to promote among the Spanish population the intake of at least three dairy a day, and has the support the EU and MAPAMA.

InLac agreement with the Xunta to promote the consumption of dairy products in a healthy diet

The Health Council of the Xunta de Galicia and the Milk Interprofessional (InLac) have signed a framework agreement to promote the consumption of milk and dairy products as basic elements of healthy eating and have expressed their concern about the decrease in ingestion Of these foods among the Galician population.

InLac urges further progress in the Value Chain Agreement for the milk sector

InLac, an interprofessional organization that encompasses the entire dairy sector, urges to continue making progress in the Stability and Sustainability of the Value Chain in the milk sector, for which it has requested the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, to make an effort to define more clearly and concretely the concept of sustainability in the dairy sector.

EC allocates 500 million euros to support measures for the dairy sector

The European Commission has adopted a third package of measures to support the dairy sector, worth 500 million euros, in the Council of Agriculture Ministers held on July 18th, which, as stressed the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Isabel García Tejerina, collects all the requests that Spain has been raised to Brussels in recent months, to alleviate the critical situation being experienced by farmers in dairy cattle.

MAGRAMA and INLAC address the second phase of the campaign to encourage the consumption of dairy

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA) and the Interprofessional Organization Way (INLAC) have begun the second phase of the promotion campaign "Dairy here every day" to encourage consumption of milk and milk products, it will run until the end of September. The objective of this action is to introduce the variety and importance of dairy products in a balanced diet.

The dairy production sector, strengthened after the signing of Agreement of value chain by UPA

The dairy production sector will be strengthened its negotiating position after the accession of the Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers (UPA) to the Agreement for Stability and Sustainability of the value chain in the beef sector of milk, according praised the Secretary General of Agriculture and Food, Carlos Cabanas, who presided on June 9th at the headquarters of the Ministry, the eighth monthly follow-up meeting in the dairy Agreement.

Argentina: two years more to export milk powder to Brazil

An Argentina delegation of private sector actors and the Ministry of Agro-industry of this country, through the Secretariats Dairy and Markets closed on June 6 in the city of Brasilia an agreement to extend, for the following 24 months, milk powder exports to Brazil. This agreement, of paramount importance to the dairy industry, aims to promote in the world Argentine products with added value.

The Summer, better with dairy

With summer just around the corner, the National Federation of…