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Spain: Tejerina highlights the advances of the wine sector in competitiveness and sustainability

The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina has highlighted the progress made by the Spanish wine sector, "which today is more competitive, transparent and sustainable." García Tejerina, who made these statements during the presentation, on November 14th, of the Promotion Campaign "Marida mejor tu vida con vino", by the Spanish Wine Interprofessional (OIVE), has also highlighted the world leadership of our country in planted area of vineyard.

Felipe Oliva: "In Todolivo we prioritize the multivariety and personalization of farms, as keys in the production of quality AOVES"

On the occasion of the II Business Agro on olive grove, held on October 25th in Cordoba, ECA had the opportunity to speak with one of its speakers, Felipe Oliva, technical director in Spain of Todolivo, a pioneer in the development of plantations of Olive in Seto and irrigation and sponsor of this event, organized by SIETE Agromarketing. With it we have addressed essential aspects for the quality of all Extra Virgin Olive Oil that boasts, such as the commitment to multivarietal crops and customized according to the needs of its customers.
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The pig exports of Segovia between January and August exceeded € 8.5M

Exports of meat and pork products from Segovia have exceeded 8.5 million euros between January and August 2017, representing an increase of 8.3% over the same period last year, according to the director of the company. the Interprofessional of Porcino de Capa Blanca (INTERPORC), Alberto Herranz, in the presentation held on November 7th of the 'Pork Lovers Tour' campaign.
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A consortium is born that will develop biotechnological solutions against olive pests

These days, a supra-regional research group, SALUDOLIVAR, has been set up, with the participation of the Óleoestepa cooperative, the Sustainable Agriculture Institute (IAS) of the CSIC, the IBMA association (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association), and the AINIA Technological Center. The objective of this consortium is to develop comprehensive strategies for the control of insect pests and emerging diseases with greater impact on productivity and yield of olive farms, especially some of special incidence such as the Olive Fly, Verticilosis or the Xylella.
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Deoleo and UPA join forces to ensure quality and traceability in olive oil

Deoleo and the Union of Small Farmers and Cattle Ranchers (UPA) have signed an agreement with the purpose of reinforcing the quality and traceability in the olive oil sector, identifying all the stages of its elaboration, "from the field to the table" . This alliance is the first step to achieve a series of objectives that revert to benefits for the entire sector.

The president of Globalcaja advocates internationalization in the olive sector

The president of Globalcaja, Carlos de la Sierra, has urged oil companies to bet heavily on internationalization, on the occasion of his speech during the Gala of Olive Oils in Spain. De la Sierra attended this event, sponsored by his entity, as another example of the closeness and commitment to a sector of great economic and social importance in the region and in Spain.
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Jabugo hosts the IX Congress of the appellations of origin of Spain

The Spanish Association of Denominations of Origin (Origin Spain), celebrates its ninth Congress and General Assembly in Jabugo, on November 8th, 9th and 10th, 2017. This time the Congress is organized by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Protected (PDO) Jabugo, for what is celebrated in its headquarters located in the emblematic El Tiro Building, in the municipality of Jabugo.
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The cooperatives estimate an oil production of 1,100,000tn

At its annual meeting of the Sectoral Council of Olive Oil, held on October 31th in Jaén, Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España has made an estimate of olive oil harvest, which will be over 1,096,900 tons, which means a decrease of 14.7% with respect to last season.

PROVACUNO is promoted in the Arab countries

The Interprofessional Organization of Beef of Spain (PROVACUNO) will begin its promotional activity in the Arab and North African countries this November. The starting point will be Egypt, in order to establish, and strengthen commercial ties with the Spanish beef sector, through actions such as a day of presentation of the beef of Spanish origin addressed to the most important Egyptian chefs , which will be held at the prestigious Egyptian Chefs Association. In this interesting day, the Spanish chefs Kisko García and Fernando del Cerro will show the versatility of the Spanish beef in the traditional and avant-garde cuisine, as well as their possibilities in the Egyptian culinary customs.

Sánchez Haro: "e-commerce is a great opportunity for the Andalusian olive sector to go further"

The II Business Agro Business on the olive sector, "Olivar: quality and innovation for international markets", held today in Cordoba, was inaugurated with the interventions of the mayor of Cordoba, Isabel Ambrosio Palos, and the Andalusian Minister of Agriculture, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro, who has highlighted the enormous opportunity offered by digitization through e-commerce so that Andalusian olive oil reaches more distant countries.