"For Equality in Agrifood Cooperativism"

Institutional Statement of the movement of Cooperativist Women of Castilla-La Mancha, signed by its spokesperson, Carmen Vallejo Garcelán.

Effect of drip irrigation on a sloping plot on yield and quality of Iceberg lettuce

Article written for ECA on the study carried out by researchers from the IFAPA centers of La Mojonera (Almería) and Alameda del Obispo (Córdoba), regarding the effects of drip irrigation on a sloping plot on the yield and quality of the lettuce crop iceberg.

International olive growing: singularization as an incremental differentiation strategy

Opinion article on singularization as a differentiation strategy, written for ECA by Juan Vilar, strategic consultant and international expert in Olive Economics.

New Technologies in greenhouse horticultural crops

Opinion article signed for ECA by researchers from the IFAPA Center La Mojonera (Almería), in which initiatives related to the application of new technologies in greenhouse horticultural crops are addressed.

Innovation in seeds drives the competitiveness of intensive horticulture

Researchers at the IFAPA Center "La Mojonera", Pedro Gómez and Carmen García, sign this opinion piece for ECA on the importance of continuing to innovate in seeds to boost competitiveness in the horticultural sector.

Biological control in greenhouse horticultural crops

Opinion article on integrated pest control in greenhouse horticultural crops, written for ECA by Mónica González, from Las Palmerillas Experimental Station, Cajamar.

Organic production and production factors

Article written for e-Comercio Agrario by the general director of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Agro-nutrients (AEFA), in which he reflects on the expansion that organic production has been experiencing.

A cereal campaign marked by climatology

Opinion article written for ECA in which the general secretary of the Association of Grain and Oilseeds in Spain (ACCOE), José Manuel Álvarez, makes an assessment of the current cereal campaign.

The almond tree: a great opportunity for Spanish fruit growing

By Federico Dicenta and José Egea. Group of Genetic Improvement…

The olive exporters, in a complicated situation, due to the high prices at origin

Opinion article in which Rafael Pico, director of the Spanish Association of the Industry and Exports of Olive Oil (Asoliva) assesses the situation of Spanish exports of olive oil for e-Comercio Agrario (ECA).