Xylella fastidiosa and its current situation in the EU

Article on Xylella Fastidiosa and its current situation in the EU, developed for ECA by a research team of the Institute of Sustainable Agriculture, attached to the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC).
170217_foto presidente freshuelva Alberto Garrocho

The Huelva berries, diversification of production and markets

Alberto Garrocho, president of the Onubense Association of Producers and Exporters of Strawberry (FRESHUELVA), reflects on this opinion article, written for ECA, on the exporting vocation of the red fruit sector and its commitment to new markets and the diversification of Its production, providing forecasts of the current campaign.
170206_Alex von Stemple

Neo-bilateralism and the effect on global perishable supply chains

Opinion article, written for ECA, on how the political shift experienced by Britain, after the yes to Brexit, and in the US, after Trump's victory, could affect international food trade. It is signed by Alex von Stemple, CEO of Freshwater Logistics Ltd, and collaborator of Messe Berlin, organizer of Fruit Logistics.