Rodrigo Sánchez Haro: "we must make the agreement between the EU and Mercosur an opportunity for our productions"

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro, addresses in this interview given to ECA the main lines of action of his Department, together with the main challenges, strengths and opportunities of the Andalusian agri-food sector. Free trade agreements, such as that of the EU and Mercosur, and the Brexit challenge have been other issues analyzed.

Felipe Oliva: "In Todolivo we prioritize the multivariety and personalization of farms, as keys in the production of quality AOVES"

On the occasion of the II Business Agro on olive grove, held on October 25th in Cordoba, ECA had the opportunity to speak with one of its speakers, Felipe Oliva, technical director in Spain of Todolivo, a pioneer in the development of plantations of Olive in Seto and irrigation and sponsor of this event, organized by SIETE Agromarketing. With it we have addressed essential aspects for the quality of all Extra Virgin Olive Oil that boasts, such as the commitment to multivarietal crops and customized according to the needs of its customers.

Phil Hogan: "I will continue to fight for our producers to have fairer access to non-EU markets"

In the following interview with ECA, Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, addresses, among other things, the most urgent issues concerning the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP); the need to seek effective remedies against unfair trade practices or to defend fairer conditions for European producers in trade association agreements with third countries in the EU.

Joaquín Fernández: "UNIQ packaging adapts to any logistics scenario"

The packaging is a determining factor for a good transport and conservation of food. We speak with UNIQ, a leading company in the sector, whose products are endorsed by a seal of quality that proves the maximum guarantee. Its director of Strategic Development, Joaquín Fernández Peláez, in this interview for e-Commerce Agrarian (ECA), ralks about the main signs of identity of the UNIQ packaging, the advances experienced by its brand and the novelties with which it will be presented in the next edition of Fruit Attraction.

Francisco Martínez Arroyo: "in the debate of the CAP it is necessary to focus the consumers"

Francisco Martínez Arroyo, Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development of Castilla-La Mancha reviews in this interview for ECA AGRI the most important issues of his two years of management. These include the Department's commitment to generational change, greater visibility of women in agriculture, and cooperative projects, not to mention rural development and environmental policies.

Jaime Hernani: "The export figures for agricultural machinery are really spectacular"

Interview for ECA AGRI to Jaime Hernani, general director of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers-Exporters of Agricultural Machinery and Components, Greenhouses, Crop Protection, Irrigation Systems, Livestock Equipment, Animal Health and Nutrition, Forestry, Biomass and Forest Machinery Post-harvest (Agragex), who analyzes for us the sales of agricultural machinery abroad.

Pedro Marin: "There are not enough berries in the market to supply all customers"

Spain is the main Community producer of strawberry and berries. The province of Huelva concentrates the bulk of this production, from where it supplies a good part of the community markets. Pedro Marín Andrés is the Manager of the Andalusian Strawberry Interprofessional Association (Interfresa), which, in addition to overseeing the interests of the sector, is carrying out the Strawberry of Europe promotion campaign. 'Live the Red'. On the evolution of the sector and the results of this, he has spoken with e-Comercio Agrario.

José E. Sanz: "our main threat is the arrival on the European market of citrus from other countries"

José Enrique Sanz is the Manager of the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) "Valencian Citrus". A sector that, for years, is not going through its best moment. Unpredictable climatology must be added to the entry of third country productions into the markets of the European Union. Productions that have the community support, which is not only a commercial threat for the Spanish sector, but also health, since the demands on plant health are not the same. On this, and on the projection of the Valencian citrus we have talked with him.

Ángel Vera: "Expoliva 2017 will gather for the first time the 57 olive oil producing countries of the world"

The next edition of Expoliva, the most important fair in the…

Jerónima Bonafé: "Without women, the rural environment would not continue"

Coinciding with the commemoration of Women's Day, in ECA we want to claim the role and contribution of rural women professionals through this interview with Jerónima Bonafé, Secretary of the Governing Council of Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain, and President of Agro Cooperatives Of the Balearic Islands. With her, a clear example of a woman with a voice and a capacity for decision, in an environment where male leadership still prevails, we talk about issues such as the still low visibility of women in the governing bodies of cooperatives and organizations in the agricultural sector and, both, the need to continue working for a greater role of rural women.