171003_Cooperativa vinícola Condes de Fuensalida

Cooperativa Condes de Fuensalida presents to the international market its wine of semidulce pink needle of the variety Grenache

La Mancha cooperative Condes de Fuensalida has presented its "Semidulce Rosé Wine Grenache Variety" in Mexico, Holland and France. A novel and quality broth, which emerged three years ago, and which has become one of the star products of this company. The constant effort of the partners to create a different wine has been reflected in the elaboration of a light product of taking, with much needle and with high fruit load.

Strawberries of Europe is promoted with a second edition of its 'Fresatario'

The Strawberries of Europe promotion campaign launched this summer the second edition of its 'Fresetario', a digital publication that brings together a selection of 20 recipes, with the strawberry as the main ingredient, which have been elaborated by renowned gastronomic bloggers from Spain.
170718_receta con espárrago Huétor Tájar

The asparagus of Huétor Tájar, protagonist of the most influential gastronomic blogs

The Governing Council for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) 'Espárrago de Huétor Tájar' has decided to go a step further in promoting its product, counting on the support of some of the most influential Spanish bloggers specialized in gastronomy who, from their respective online platforms, publish articles on this exquisite food, encouraging their followers to share their own experiences and gastronomic experiences.
170717_sandía fashion en colegios2

Some 10,000 schoolchildren tasted healthy breakfast with fruit, by the AGF Fashion Group

In the wake of the excellent reception of the first edition of the promotional campaign in the AGF Fashion Group, "For Fruit Consumption in the Smallest", for the second consecutive year this initiative has culminated successfully, bringing healthy breakfasts based on fruit, specifically Watermelon Fashion, about 10,000 children from national schools.

Madrid receives the 'Best Oils Denomination of Origin Sierra de Segura 2016/17

The Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin (CRDO) Sierra de Segura chooses Madrid as host to show the traditional taste and high quality of its 'Best Oils of the 2016/17 Campaign', in a dynamic event held on Wednesday, December, in the Valle Inclán Hall of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.
Fashion Mercamadrid (Baja)-21

Fashion watermelon premieres 'look'

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has starred start of the first label of Fashion Watermelon, a product that opens new labeling emerged from the creativity of the famous designer and baptized with the leitmotif Heart of summer. The AGF Group has chosen the opening of the conference by Innovation Mercamadrid to present the new image of their Watermelon Fashion, part of the promotional campaign for this product: The sweetest. Watermelons brand, characterized by its color, its sweetness and texture Seedless, is now easily recognizable thanks to this new labeling by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.
Aceite y ensalada

Healthy Binomio: Fruits and Vegetables and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Finca la Torre, greengrocers Gold Gourmet and 5 a day Association have developed a pioneering initiative to encourage the consumption of two staples of the Mediterranean diet, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Fruit and Vegetables. Thus, by the 'Water them with Health' campaign it aims to raise consumer awareness of the importance of introducing in daily meals combined intake of both foods, to multiply its healthy properties.