Madrid receives the 'Best Oils Denomination of Origin Sierra de Segura 2016/17

The Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin (CRDO) Sierra de Segura chooses Madrid as host to show the traditional taste and high quality of its 'Best Oils of the 2016/17 Campaign', in a dynamic event held on Wednesday, December, in the Valle Inclán Hall of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.
Fashion Mercamadrid (Baja)-21

Fashion watermelon premieres 'look'

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has starred start of the first label of Fashion Watermelon, a product that opens new labeling emerged from the creativity of the famous designer and baptized with the leitmotif Heart of summer. The AGF Group has chosen the opening of the conference by Innovation Mercamadrid to present the new image of their Watermelon Fashion, part of the promotional campaign for this product: The sweetest. Watermelons brand, characterized by its color, its sweetness and texture Seedless, is now easily recognizable thanks to this new labeling by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.
Aceite y ensalada

Healthy Binomio: Fruits and Vegetables and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Finca la Torre, greengrocers Gold Gourmet and 5 a day Association have developed a pioneering initiative to encourage the consumption of two staples of the Mediterranean diet, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Fruit and Vegetables. Thus, by the 'Water them with Health' campaign it aims to raise consumer awareness of the importance of introducing in daily meals combined intake of both foods, to multiply its healthy properties.

Dressings table olives in its footballing version

The Table Olives Interprofessional Organization, Interaceituna, has gone a step further in its promotional campaign for this product and has decided to provide a footballing touch to its original and creative proposal dressings table olives, named in his day as Aceituning. Thus, at Euro France which will start this Friday, June 10, friends of a good snack will taste different varieties of olives seasoned with three inspired dressings, which will provide a good taste when it comes to cheer against TV to the national team.

Bull meat: the value of sustainability

The Federation of Native Breed Lidia (FEDELIDIA), and the chef of Restaurant Coque Mario Sandoval, President of the Federation of Chefs and Confectioners (Facyre) and National Gastronomy Prize, presented the "Carne de Bravo project value sustainability "based on the claim of gastronomic, sustainable and nutritional values ​​of this food.

Aragon promotes C'alial label

The Department of Rural Development and Sustainability of the Government of Aragón will launch a promotion plan C'alial label different actions mark with consumers, producers and trade professionals and hospitality.
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Top 10 orchard for summer

Because in the restaurant Top 10 are still fulfilled the wishes of their customers, now it offer healthy, fresh food from the garden, made with top quality products ahead of the summer season.
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"We want people to have fun cooking and are fed healthy and flavorful". Torres Bros.

Sergio and Javier left their mark, in duplicate, fun and educational in everything they touch, all that are cooking, in every corner of the Spanish pantry are their fields and waters. On seasonal product turns your kitchen: take full advantage of the simple, but do not skimp on venturing into the umbra Amazon u to add new ingredients, but sifted through their prism. You can know a bit of them in this exclusive interview.