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Siete Agromarketing launches the digital edition of its yearbook magazine ECA AGRI

The digital edition of the ECA AGRI yearbook magazine, edited by SIETE Agromarketing and e-Comercio Agrario, is now available.

FIMA will be the largest fair held in Spain

It will have an exhibition area of 163,500 square meters and a “record” figure of exhibiting firms, with a total of 1,653 from five continents.

The European Commission recognizes the "essential" work of cooperatives in the sector

The European Commission's study "on the best ways for producer organizations to form, carry out their activities and receive support", presented this Monday at the Committee on Agriculture of the European Parliament.

Producing 69% of the world’s production, the EU is the largest producer of olive oil

For producing Member States, the EU framework for conformity checks effectively contributed to improve the quality of the products on the market and to reduce the prevalence of fraudulent practices

García Ballester consolidates its export to China with Hasvert Season

García Ballester will go from exporting 100 containers of citrus to China, a forecast for this campaign of more than 250.

The biological control of the aphid in pepper cultivation in the province of Almería

Article by IFAPA-La Mojonera in Almería on the cultivation of pepper in the province of Almería.

The better edition of Fruit Logistica in history

Once again, the event, which has gathered the record number of more than 3300 exhibitors and more than 72 000 visitors.

The Yoom tomato is the Innovation of the Year

 This year's Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA) goes to the tomato "Yoom™" from the company Syngenta Seeds.

Delivered the II Women Agro Awards

Blanca Torrent, Grupo Carinsa, Greencobi, Eloy Requena and Úrsula Sánchez strengthen their visibility and empowerment with the II Women Agro Awards.

The qualities of Granada de Mollar reach Fruit Logística

Europe is the main objective of the PDO without renouncing to expand its market shares in other countries.