Vegetable exports increase, fruit exports decrease

As for its economic value, fruit registered a better performance, with an increase of 1.4%, compared to + 0.4% for vegetables.

Russian Export Center is getting ready an exposition at SIMA 2019

Russian Export Center (REC), established with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, provides the platform to the Russian exporters to promote their latest solutions and innovative products to foreign markets under the brand MADE IN RUSSIA.
Cultivo de lechugas. Foto: BASF

Why we should not leave Plant Health aside

By Marga López, agrifood journalist. Responsible for Projects, Marketing and Communication in Siete Agromarketing.

Millions lost for Spain with the export of black olive to the US

The exportation of black olive from Spain to the US falls by 60% in the August-November 2018 period, the first four months of application of final tariffs, going from 11.2 million kilos to 4.4 (-6.8 million kilos).

The Spanish Cotton Interprofessional is officially presented

The Cajasol Foundation hosted last February 14 the celebration of the III Forum "The Spanish Cotton Sector. Presente y Fututo ", where the Spanish Interprofessional was presented officially after recognition at the BOJA on December 28, 2018.

You can now apply for direct CAP aid for 2019

Since last February 1, the campaign for the application of aid from the CAP 2019 is underway, which will allow more than 716,000 producers to submit, until next April 30, the Single Application for Direct Aid from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) ), through which the producer can request all his aid at one time.

Bitter taste in citrus fruits

An increase in production over last season, weather adversities, the delay in the maturation of the fruit and overlap of our varieties with those of third countries such as South Africa have been the perfect ingredients to make a cocktail that has turned bitter for the sector Spanish citrus in this first part of the campaign marked by low prices and a lot of fruit hanging on the trees pending harvest or on the ground without selling.

Casa Gutier, Valgenetics, Ricardo Oteros and Mariló Corral, Mujer Agro 2018 awards

More than 100 representatives of the Spanish agri-food sector yesterday wrapped up the winners in the first edition of the Mujer Agro awards, an initiative developed by the communication agency Siete Agromarketing and the e-Commerce Agrario, which recognizes those people, entities and institutions that stand out for their task when it comes to achieving equal opportunities between men and women in the sector, promoting in turn the work of women in agriculture.

Reposition the wooden container in supermarkets

Interview with Alberto Palmí, Managing Director of FEDEMCO. By Judit Cortés.

Tomato Kumato®, a type of dark brown tomato that reinvents the market

The sector of the tomato is an example of the consolidation and importance of the Spanish agriculture, a sign more of the paper of this country like referent in matter of external commercialization. This is shown by the data that, year after year, place Spain in the top of the world ranking in fruit and vegetable exports.