In one decade Fruit Attraction becomes the world reference for fruits and vegetables

Fruit Attraction celebrates its X Anniversary in this edition, consolidating itself as the great international reference in the fruit and vegetable sector. We have spoken with the director of this fair, Raul Callejas who has revealed to us that in just 10 years, this world meeting has gone from the 8,400 participants to more than 70,000.

SPACE 2018: An exceptional density with a global impact

The SPACE 2018 fair, which was held between 11 and 14 September at the Rennes Exhibition Park, has ended as an edition of exceptional quality, with a large influx and accompanied by a radiant sun. These four days have confirmed the global impact of the fair and have served to highlight the strength of agriculture in Western France, which has hosted consecutively in their territory Les Terres de Jim - the national event of Young Farmers - and SPACE, which is part of the most important international fairs in this sector.

The trade agreement between the EU and Canada increases Spanish exports

Since its entry into force on September 21, 2017, the agreement has offered new opportunities to all EU companies, particularly small and medium-sized companies. In addition to the costs that tariffs pose for SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises often have much more difficulties than large ones in dealing with bureaucratic barriers and other non-tariff barriers that reduce their competitiveness or make their access to new markets be profitable With the CETA, small businesses save time and money, avoiding, for example, the duplication of testing requirements for products, cumbersome customs procedures and expensive court fees.

Good expectations in the olive oil market

After knowing the last data corresponding to the monthly declarations that the operators of the olive sector make to the Food Information and Control Agency, (AICA), it is verified that, in August, month that traditionally is characterized by a reduction of operations, it has been maintained a very positive rhythm of departures. In fact, it could have been put on the market around 105,000 t., Considering imports of 10,000 t., Which would represent the third highest figure for a month of August of the last 6 campaigns.

Tariffs for black olives: a black panorama

At the end of July the worst forecasts were fulfilled, and the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) confirmed the application of an average tariff of 34.79% on the importation of Spanish black olive, considering that the American industry I was seeing the damage caused by the entry of the product at a lower price, as a result of subsidies and subsidies from the European Union.

Cranberries, one of the five most important Chilean fruit products abroad

The president of the Federation of Fruit Producers of Chile (Fedefruta) Jorge Valenzuela, considers that the national market is going through a "very good moment". And, in his opinion, the demand for the fruit products of the country is showing an unprecedented boom.

The Ministry participates with the FIAB in the International Fair Specialty & Fine Food London 2018

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food participates, together with the FIAB (Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries), in the Speciality and Fine Food Fair that takes place in London (United Kingdom) from September 2 to 4, with a stand of 130 m2, where 27 companies of the sector are welcomed and the quality and variety of our food is announced.

ASAJA demands more promotion in the Asian market

The Agrarian Association of Young Farmers (ASAJA) has asked the Regional Government to collaborate in the promotion of the horticultural product of the Region of Murcia for sale in Asia.

The pig sector contributes 4 out of 10 euros of surplus of the agrifood trade balance

The food industry showed a surplus in the 2017 balance of trade of 12,061 million euros, of which 4,564 million euros correspond to the pig sector, which contributes almost 4 out of 10 euros -37.8% -, according to data from the AEAT and the Agrifood Foreign Trade Report published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Food produced in Europe continues to be the safest

The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture - WINGS - celebrates the results of the 2016 EFSA Report on phytosanitary residues in food, which demonstrate once again the quality of the food we consume and the commitment of the agricultural sector to food security.