BIOFACH taking temperature the rising “organic”business


From 10 to 13 February 2016 in Nuremberg it meets international organic sector in its overall quote from each year. In BIOFACH, leading trade fair for organic food and VIVANESS, international trade fair for Natural Personal Care, 2,544 exhibitors from 77 countries, 8% more companies than last year will be presented. Among the highlights include the worlds of experiences and finding BIOFACH expanded content for professional chefs cook + talk, as well as the largest international congress of organic products.

In the spotlight is the motto Organic 3.0 “action for greener products” world. The exhibition BIOFACH trends are genuine products face and history convenience “ready to eat” exotic grains and cereals like raw materials and regionality. They should not be lacking in natural cosmetics: natural raw materials, redefined the typical ingredients of the region and natural perfumes.

Petra Wolf, Member of the Management Board of NürnbergMesse: “The consumer demand for organic products remains unwavering undoubtedly is closely linked to an increased sensitivity to dietary issues and food quality, as well as habits. consumer directed generally to sustainability. Unbreakable is also the success of the exhibition duo BioFach and Vivaness. After a significant increase in the number of exhibitors at both fairs, we are willing to open its doors the tenth edition of the international trade fair for Natural Personal Care. with 245 exhibitors, 41 more than last year and among those pioneers and many emerging companies and newcomers are, VIVANESS start with endless highlights. a fantastic start will be the inaugural lecture of Dr. Auma Obama. ”

BIOFACH 2015The highlight of BIOFACH: from 3.0 to cook Organic + talk


How will the future of organic products and organic food industry will be discussed tomorrow in the main theme of the Congress “Organic 3.0: promotion of organic agriculture.” The BioFach Congress and Vivaness form each year the largest international forum of the sector and knowledge and radiates an economic and political force at a time. The visitors were informed at the meeting of 2016 in a total of 110 events. There will be discussed there, for example, how a sustainable food industry is achieved and what is the best way to transmit the values ​​of 3.0 Organic consumers.

A range of vegan organic products, olive oil and wine segments have dedicated themselves Exposure: VEGAN worlds of experience, olive oil and wine. In the last two, the best products in its range in 2016 will also receive an award under the Olive Oil Award and Mundus Vini BioFach. International Wine Award BIOFACH already been presented on this occasion 492 wines were awarded 209 awards, including 11 gold. These wines and many other high quality organic wines, on the surface of MUNDUS VINI BioFach and at the wine bar. Alongside Meininger partner for many years the International Wine Award ago ECOVIN presented as a new member of the world of experience WINE. Another new world of experiences WINE: 40 international winemakers are presented in booths specially designed for this purpose.

Cook + talk, a special forum for restoration, will be the contact point for professional chefs related to organic products. Professional public will discover there at conferences and cooking shows, among other things, how to successfully use wine, olive oil and organic vegan products in the catering sector.

BIOFACH 2015Trends 2016 exhibition

In total, this year’s edition will present 739 new products in two stands of updates to BIOFACH (560) and VIVANESS (179). Among them, visitors will select as part of the Best New Product Awards favorite products. Together with industry experts have given current trends based on new products presented.

The range of organic food, authenticity, convenience and regionality play an important role. Among the exhibition BIOFACH trends are genuine products to face and history, convenience “ready to eat” regionality as well as cereals and similar commodities to exotic grains.

Exclusive, individual and natural: this must be natural cosmetics. Clients are now building their own ideal of beauty and want products that suit their individual needs beauty. The effect inside and outside sought. They should not be lacking in natural cosmetics and VIVANESS trends: natural raw materials, redefined the typical ingredients of the region and natural perfumes.

The next generation of environmentally friendly products

In the stands grouped young innovative companies in BIOFACH, subsidized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), and to mark the tenth anniversary, trade buyers meet for the first time in VIVANESS fresh and interesting ideas approaches, ie, that product something different. Special surfaces “German novel” presented in this event with a record participation of more than 50 companies.

Stand grouped for NGOs

Also worth a stop during a visit to the fair on the surface of the future generation and stand clustered NGOs. The “Future Generation” is dedicated to the issues of recruiting professionals, job search and vocational training measures. It also serves as a networking platform for students, young professionals and job seekers, as well as to potential employers in the organic sector. The program is complemented by the Meeting of the races, the Job Center of the organic sector and Research Award organic food sector.

The main concerns of the organic sector are represented, among others, the non-profit associations and non-governmental organizations. Seven of them will be presented in the meeting of 2016 in the stand grouped of NGOs.


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