Avocado Light ‘Isla Bonita’, 100% natural and with more nutritional advantages


Isla bonita, the brand of tropical and exotic fruits of the ARC Group Eurobanan, recently presented in Madrid Avocado Light, 100% natural and with a series of nutritional advantages added. This product, which Isla Bonita brings for the first time to Spain, is obtained from a selection of varieties with 30% less fat compared to the most commercialized avocados. This new type of avocado will be commercialized with the seal of the Food and Health Program of the Spanish Heart Foundation (PASFEC) as a product with reduced fat content.

They are the race, the species and the climatological conditions and the type of land in which it is cultivated, which favor that the Aguacate Light Isla Bonita maintains all the benefits of the avocado and incorporates nutritional advantages added 100% natural

After years of research, the company has identified and selected those varieties of avocado that, naturally, meet the optimal nutritional conditions to be considered light. With this addition, the brand completes its catalog of avocado varieties, responding to the needs of consumers who, increasingly, demand low fat products. To guarantee the nutritional declarations of Aguacate Light, the product has been subjected to exhaustive analyzes carried out by independent laboratories.

The consumption and import of avocado has experienced an exponential growth in these years. According to data from the Spanish Federation of Fruit and Vegetable Producers and Exporters (FEPEX), in Spain 34,000 tonnes were imported in 2012 to reach 73,000 tonnes four years later, which is more than double the growth.

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Ramón Rey: “The arrival of Light Aguacate to Spain may be the second great revolution around this fruit”

For the director of the International Area and Marketing of Isla Bonita, Ramón Rey, “avocado consumption is constantly growing, as is the consumer’s concern for a more balanced diet. Now, thanks to the Avocado Light, you can enjoy this fruit at all times in a much lighter way. It’s time to rediscover the avocado and experience the many options it offers throughout the day. ”

Less oily, very tasty and more durable

Patricia Pérez, at the presentation of Aguacate Light Isla Bonita.

Patricia Pérez, at the presentation of Aguacate Light Isla Bonita.

The Aguacate Light Isla Bonita, besides having 30% less fat, has a light flavor and its pulp is soft and pleasant. This selection of varieties has a smooth, green and shiny skin, is fast ripening and has a slow oxidation process. In addition, it combines the rest of nutritional qualities of this fruit, such as its high content in vitamin A, B, C, E and K, protein, potassium and monounsaturated fats.

Source of fiber and powerful antioxidant, avocado is considered a food that can contribute to lower cholesterol, take care of digestive health and maintain ideal weight

The avocado light will be marketed with the seal of the Food and Health Program of the Spanish Heart Foundation (PASFEC) as a product with reduced fat content. It will be available for the channel of traditional retailers and distribution chains and its transport will be made using the fastest and most modern means. In this way, the brand demonstrates its commitment to the environment while ensuring greater freshness and an intact taste and aroma until the exact moment of consumption.

About Isla Bonita:

Isla Bonita is the leading brand in the production, import and marketing of tropical and exotic fruits of the ARC Eurobanan Group. Pioneers in Spain in the import of tropical and exotic fruits, introduced in the Spanish market fruits such as pineapple or papayon, hitherto unknown. The company has always been at the forefront of logistics and distribution of fresh produce.

At present, Isla Bonita is the brand with the highest number of references of tropical and exotic fruits in the national market

Source: ARC Eurobanan Group

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