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Food waste in Spanish households increased in 2018

Según los datos recogidos en el Panel de cuantificación del desperdicio alimentario en los hogares, del Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación, los hogares españoles desperdiciaron entre enero y diciembre de 2018 un total de 1.339 millones de kg/l. de alimentos y bebidas, lo que supone un incremento del 8,9% con respecto al año anterior, es decir, 109 millones de kg/l más.

Comercial Química Massó sponsors the BusinessAGRO Tertulia on Ecological Agriculture

The Comercial Química Massó company joins as sponsor this #BusinessAGRO Tertulia about Marketing and Profitability in Organic Agriculture, which will take place next July 3 in Carlet (Valencia).

Organized by Siete Agromarketing and eComercio Agrario, and in collaboration with the Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Comunidad Valencia and the Unió de Llauradors, this gathering, framed in its line of #BusinessAgro events, will gather at the Casa de la Cultura de Carlet, Valencia (Plaça del Convent i la Vila, 15), experts in production, marketing, supplies, public administrations and private entities, who will show us the main guidelines to achieve a cost-effective ecological production adapted to the new demands of consumers.

Why return to FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020?

This is the question that many managers and managers of producing and marketing companies worldwide ask themselves, and the answer is clear: almost 86% of the more than 78,000 professional visitors from around the world who attended the last edition of the fair , was directly involved in the supply and distribution of fruits and vegetables.