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Challenges of the horticultural sector before the export of products to Europe

As a result of applying high standards of quality and control, the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector is the main supplier of fruits and vegetables in Europe. In the first quarter of 2018, the European Union was the destination of 93% of sales abroad of the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector, with 11.7 million tons and 11,760 million euros, according to data from the Spanish Federation of Producers Associations Fruit and Vegetable Exporters (FEPEX).

Arysta Life Science becomes part of UPL

UPL has signed an agreement with Platform Specialty Products Corporation to acquire Arysta LifeScience Inc. and its subsidiaries for 4.2 B $. Arysta Life Science Inc. is a global provider of crop protection solutions, biological solutions, and seed treatments. The closing of the transaction is subject to the usual closing conditions, including regulatory approvals.

CASI doubles the area of ​​organic production

The Cooperativa referent in tomato consolidates its bet in BIO and duplicates the surface with a total of 115 hectares approximately. In the Eco range, the products that are marketed are: Zucchini, Branch Tomato, Rebellion, Dutch Cucumber, Pear Tomato, Cherry branch and loose, Cherry Pear, California Pepper and Watermelon mini., Leads this range of specialty tomato branch, Zucchini and the cherry.

The video of the Second National Forum on Agro-Professional Women, of Seven Agromarketing, is now available

SIETE Agromarketing has just launched the video on the 2nd National Forum Agribusiness – ‘Agro-Professional Women. Under the motto ‘equality is a task for everyone’, which was held last June 27 in Toledo. An audiovisual summary that summarizes the most important moments of an event, which had an excellent reception from the public and a great impact on RR.SS.

AVA-ASAJA calls for a restructuring plan for the area affected by the eighth outbreak of Xyella

The devastating bacterium of the Xylella fastidiosa continues its relentless advance through the Valencian territory in the face of the growing concern of the farmers. The Conselleria de Agricultura confirmed that it has detected an eighth outbreak of the disease in the same demarcated area of ​​the Marina and Comptat region where the epicenter of this serious problem that broke out in June of last year is located.