ASPROCAN estimates that damages caused by the storm in Canarian banana plantations could affect some 9,000 plots

The Association of Organizations of Producers of Banana of the Canary Islands (ASPROCAN) has made a first assessment of the damage caused to banana plantations of the Islands by the storm of recent weeks, which has brought winds of over 109 km / h and rain They have discharged up to 40 liters of water per square meter. Thus, in the absence of registering in the coming weeks the exact amounts, so far about 3,000 farms have reported claims and more than 7,300 plots have been affected, although the forecast is to reach up to 4,000 farms and 9,000 plots. In some areas of the western islands, estimated losses are around 30% of production.

All the islands have been affected by the storm that has ravaged the archipelago in recent weeks, especially on the western and northwest slopes, registering damage in an area of ​​around 2,553 hectares. The most damaged island has been La Palma, where it has also affected the east. In the Aridane Valley area, more parts of the finally registered ones were expected, around 5% of the affected production. On the other side of the island, in the areas of Puntallana and the airport, the damages recorded have been higher, reaching between 30 and 40% of the production.

In Tenerife, the area of ​​Isla Baja has been the most affected, where losses have been recorded around 20% of production. Damage has also been noted in the southern area, around the areas of Las Galletas, Adeje or Santiago del Teide.

The island of Gran Canaria has been less affected with some damages in greenhouses of the north, while in the island of La Gomera damage has been registered mainly in the area of ​​Hermigua, and in El Hierro mainly the production that is outdoors.

Through the collective negotiation of ASPROCAN, all banana plantations in the Canary Islands have insurance that covers both production and facilities (greenhouses, windbreaks and irrigation systems) against all climatic risks

Agroseguro plans to begin the damage inspections on March 12th, with the aim of ending the 24th, to allow leaf damage to evolve and manifest with greater clarity.

Given this situation, ASPROCAN reminds brief instructions on how to proceed in case of disaster:

1. Report the loss to Agroseguro within 7 days of the loss being known, through the entity with which the insurance was contracted

2. Leave the plot untreated until the visit of the designated expert for the inspection of damages, unless it is essential because the irrigation system is affected or need treatment

3. In this case, witness samples must be left in accordance with the provisions of the Special Conditions, always leaving all plants fallen down.


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