Argentina: A vaccine against bovine viral diarrhea to the rescue of livestock production

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A vaccine developed by Argentine researchers promises to prevent the loss of billions of dollars virus that causes bovine viral diarrhea (BVDV) in meat and milk production in both Argentina and the rest of the world. Doctors María Marta Vein, Andrés Bellido Wigdorovitz and Demian INNOVATE have been given the Award for the scientific development of powerful.

“This virus (BVDV) generates a significant number of deaths and abortions in cows,” he said the CyTA-Leloir Dr. Andres Wigdorovitz Agency, coordinator of the Institute of Virology Vaccine Research Center of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences ( CICVyA) INTA.

Together with Demian Bellido, Andrea Pecora, Vena María Marta Santos and Maria Jose dus also INTA and Jose Angel Martinez Escribano, the company ALGENEX Spain, developed Vedevax: the first recombinant vaccine that prevents infection by BVDV. “We tested it on cows and calves and was effective,” said Wigdorovitz.

For its relevance, the development of scientific won first prize INNOVATE Contest, organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to recognize innovative scientific and technological developments that respond to social needs. In this edition more than 1,300 projects of which 45 were awarded in eleven categories they were presented.

The vaccine Argentina has a feature that outperforms previous versions and generates what Wigdorovitz defined as a “fatal attraction”: on one hand, has one of the proteins of the virus that has greater capacity to generate a protective response of defense; on the other incorporates a single chain antibody that directs the protein to the immune system, making them easier to find.

This project, which has over ten years of development, is a broad public-private partnership in which the group intervened new generation vaccines Virology Institute INTA Castelar; INCUINTA; organizational technical platform for technological maturation CICVyA project; and two companies, ALGENEX a Spanish start up, and Vetanco Argentina SA.

VEDEVAX already been approved by Senasa. “Vetanco SA produce the vaccine for distribution at both the national and international market,” said Wigdorovitz.

For every peso spent on vaccines, the producer saves ten INTA researcher said. “Often those involved in livestock for meat and milk sale feel that this investment is an expense, but may have long-term economic losses. It should promote awareness about it, “he said.

Photo: Doctors María Marta Vein (l.) Andres Bellido Demian Wigdorovitz and receiving large INNOVATION Award. Press and Publications Department of the Ministry of Science.

Source: AGENCY CYTA-Instituto Leloir. DICYT

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