Aragon promotes C’alial label

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The Department of Rural Development and Sustainability of the Government of Aragón will launch a promotion plan C’alial label different actions mark with consumers, producers and trade professionals and hospitality.

Logotipo_CALIAL_Color-300x300C’alial is a trademark owned by the Government of Aragon. For a product to be distinguished with this label must meet the requirements set out in a regulation. The composition, processing methods or quality standards are established according to the nature of each product. However, there is always a common requirement: manufacturers have to hire the services of a specialized external agency for quality control of products under this brand. Are traditional foods that differ from the rest by their extra quality guaranteed.

The C’alial seal distinguishes different products: cheese, eggs or bread, borage Aragon, Aragon sausage, the pork loin, Almudévar plait or Pintera bread are just some of the Aragonese products with the seal of C ‘alial, the Mark of Quality Assurance Government of Aragon. More than forty natural or processed products that have achieved some very special qualities and distinguished by this label and are the best and most complete example of the Aragonese gastronomy. Traditional and typical Aragon products represent the best of each house.

Source: Aragon Alimentos

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