AOVE’s sensory experience stars in the third Expoliva Dialogue 2017

Nearly two hundred professionals of the sector have participated in the Expoliva Dialogue “Extra virgin olive oil, an unusual experience for our senses”. The Director of Industries and Agro-Food Chain of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture of the Junta de Andalucía, Rosa Isabel Rios, has inaugurated the third of these important appointments that are being made prior to the “Expoliva 2017” celebration.

In the opening ceremony there was also Aurelio Mesa -the head of Amenduni Iberica, the sponsoring company of these previous events- who also pointed out the importance of approaching the emotional and sensorial part of olive oil, and  Jose María Valdivia, Manager of Ferias Jaén, who has referred to the theme of this Dialogue from the point of view of the raison d’être of olive oil.

Rosa Isabel Ríos: “we are at an optimum moment in the sector, not only because of the price, but because the qualities of the product are valued from a nutritional point of view, which means that we must continue to improve to remain the best”

During this third dialogue, great professionals and experts of the sector have revealed the many properties of virgin olive oil in its gastronomic use as a healthy product, as well as other experiences because of its special interest.

This act, which has had as master of ceremonies to the director of COPE Jaén, David Santos, a confessed lover of olive oil, has been developed through two thematic tables. In the first of them, called “Extra virgin olive oil, an unusual experience for our senses”, and moderated by Alfonso Montaño, CTAEX Elaiotécnicos project manager, have participated Conxy Jimenez, expert in gastronomic communication; Marcos Reguera, gourmet and promoter; Francisco Lillo, vice president of Prescribers / ambassadors of olive oil (Evofans) and Juan Vilar, strategic consultant.

At the second table, titled “Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Perception, Health and Safety” -moderated by Marta Amo, director of the Plant Mengíbar, S.A. of the Migasa- Group, have participated, Soledad Román, elaióloga and director of the Center of Interpretation of the Olive and Oil of La Loma; Rafael Estrella, clinical psychologist and expert in how our senses perceive the AOVE; José Juan Gaforio, Doctor of Medicine and director of the Center for Advanced Studies in Olive Oil and Olives of the UJA and Antonio Marín, veterinarian and expert in Agro-Food Security.

As a prelude to the International Fair of Olive Oil and Allied Industries, Expoliva, which will take place in Jaén between 10th and 13th May 2017, Ferias Jaén is organizing the “Dialogues Expoliva 2017”, in order to show trends, evolutions and challenges of the international sector in order to enhance and enrich the information and knowledge in this matter. The last of these Dialogues is scheduled to take place on 21 April.

Source: Ferias Jaén


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