AOVE Montes de Granada and asparagus of Huétor Tájar combine their excellence in the Salón de Gourmets


The extra virgin olive oil from the Protected Designation of Origin Montes de Granada and the Geographical Indication Protected Asparagus from Huétor Tájar, with the support of Agro-alimentary Cooperatives of Granada, promote together their excellence, quality and culinary versatility in the inescapable appointment that represents the International Fair of Food and Beverages of Quality, Salón de Gourmets, celebrated during this week in Madrid.

In Salón de Gourmets, the Regulatory Council of the PDO Montes de Granada and the Regulatory Council of the PGI Espárrago de Huétor Tájar promote their extra virgin olive oil and asparagus, respectively and by double entry: from their space in the stand of the Board of Andalusia, dedicated to the promotion of Andalusian quality food. On the other hand, both products are part of the gastronomic activities organized by the Diputación de Granada at its stand “Sabor Granada”, widely visited by professionals and with a large presence of companies affiliated to this brand, among which are the olive oil cooperative San Sebastián (Benalúa de las Villas) and Almazara Campopineda (Píñar), both producers of olive oil of the denomination, as well as the Cooperativa de Cordero lojeño, Covecol.

Salon de Gourmets is a fair that stands out for its high level in the field of products of differentiated quality and in whose opening day the AOVE of the DOP Montes de Granada and the asparagus of Huétor Tájar shone with forcefulness for its quality and gastronomic presentations, with great institutional support.

On its opening day, Salon de Gourmets had a large influx of professionals interested in Granadine products, whose characteristics are disseminated from both Councils. The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Carmen Ortiz, along with the president of the Regulatory Council of the DOP Montes de Granada, Gustavo Ródenas and the general director of Industries and Food Quality, Rosa Ríos, visited the stand together and highlighted the effort of producers, cooperatives and companies to improve the quality, offering a differentiated AOVE and asparagus, selected and with added value for the territory and its farmers.

Montes de Granada olive oil and asparagus with IGP Huétor Tájar inaugurated the gastronomic space of Sabor Granada, organized by the Provincial Council, starring in the show cooking run by the chef from Granada, Jesús Bracero

Showcooking by chef Jesús Bracero with AOVE D.O. Montes de Granada and Asparagus of the IGP Huétor Tájar.

Showcooking by chef Jesús Bracero with AOVE D.O. Montes de Granada and Asparagus of the IGP Huétor Tájar.

The President of the Provincial Diputación, José Entrena, together with the Deputy of Employment and Sustainable Development, Ana Muñoz and Gustavo Ródenas, attended this presentation that put in value the quality and differentiation of AOVE Montes de Granada, as well as the attributes of “Truth and origin” that provides the seal of the denomination. For its part, the asparagus of Huétor Tájar symbolizes the excellence in this horticultural cultivated with tradition and respecting the origins of this indigenous product, of great tenderness, freshness and slightly bitter taste.

The fusion of Huétor Tájar asparagus and olive oil Montes de Granada made by Bracero culminated in an artistic ‘Salmorejo of beet, avocado of the tropical Costa Granada, sardine confit and smoked in AOVE Montes de Granada with asparagus crispy Huétor Tájar, AOVE ice cream and sesame bread ‘. Very genuine, fresh and with aromas of sea from the coast of Granada, was the second elaboration ‘Tartar de Querquilla de Motril, with pineapple, avocado, asparagus confit and crunchy squid ink’. Both proposals praised the province of Granada, its good agrarian and gastronomic potential. In short, quality food and the perfect choice of a consumer that prizes healthy food and the strong flavor of a differentiated product.

Source: Agro-alimentary cooperatives of Granada


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