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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) finds its position as a premium product thanks to the Second Congress of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: “The Great Discovery” organized by QVEXTRA! This second edition of the International Congress held in Toledo, Spanish gastronomic capital 2016, has been the perfect frame for the signing, between QVEXTRA! and the Consorzio di Qualitá Extravergine (CEQ), an unprecedented agreement between Spain and Italy to support quality extra virgin with all the strength and firmness demanded by the sector.

The Second Congress of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has enjoyed the presence of producers, farmers, industrialists, chefs from around the world, national and international authorities, consumers, bloggers, press, etc. internationally, welcoming personalities of renowned prestige in countries such as Tunisia, Uruguay, United States, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Turkey.

Congress designed primarily roundtable format, wanted to emphasize “The Great Discovery” that the extra virgin olive oil has meant for consumers at all levels both for industrial as gastronomic, cultural and health.

The International Olive Oil Council has made a safe bet for this Congress actively participating in it and supported the SIQEV (Seal International Quality Extra Virgin) seal, the result of agreement between producers, experts and consumers who certifies that the product bearing its logo meets strict quality requirements, more stringent than those under the existing Community legislation.

MG_6746It is a bold gamble that comes from the need to meet the growing demands of consumers in terms of quality, health and authenticity, and which already have joined other producers in Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, Uruguay, Jordan and France. The Director General of Food Industry, Fernando Burgaz Moreno, attended the inauguration of the same extolling the great export capacity of the sector and the Director General of Agricultural Industries and Cooperatives of Castilla la Mancha, Agapito Portillo Sanchez, closed the Congress highlighting the dynamic engine of extra virgin olive oil in the Community.

Congress also has brought together the most prestigious chefs in the national and international scene who have shared their culinary throughout the world with extra virgin olive oil as the main protagonist experiences.

Also discussed issues relevant interest as Test Panel test as effective tool for control of extra virgin olive oils.

Finally, and how could it be otherwise, health and olive oil extra virgin have been highlighted by the crowds properties that have this olive juice rich in its high levels of polyphenols as well as the oleocanthal molecule a great discovery It is assuming a true revolution in the world of global medicine.
All Congress has been enlivened with tasting tables of the best olive oils extra new crop 2015/2016, as well as a wine pairing prepared by renowned chef Alberto Moya, who has repeated in this second edition, extolling the virtues the Aberquina, hojiblanca and cornicabra varieties, the latter representative of La Mancha lands.

Finally, Congress, a gastronomic level, has loved pointer, developing some tonics GINC paired with extra virgin olive oil, a combination without a doubt more than successful.

The next Congress, in its third edition, and began its journey in order to continue working in the culture of the olive grove and teach the many virtues of a product as Spanish, extra virgin olive oil, our liquid gold.

Source: QVEXTRA!

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