Andalusian agro-food exports to the United Kingdom grew 15.6% since July 2016

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After a little more than a year after the announcement of the Brexit, Andalusian agro-alimentary exports to the United Kingdom continue their upward trend. Thus, since July 2016, the month following the referendum in which it was decided to leave the European Union, until May this year (the last month for which data are available), this country has imported food and beverages worth 971 million of euros, 15.6% more than the same period from 2015 to 2016.

As reported in a statement the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development (CAPDER) of the Andalusian Government, this increase has been widespread in all provinces of Andalusia. Thus, during the same period, Almeria has exported agri-food products worth more than 300 million euros, 13.8%; Followed by Huelva, with 281.1 million (8%); Seville, with 166.4 million (26.2%); Cadiz, with 108.7 million (21.2%); Málaga, with 49 million (7%); Granada, with 39.9 million (52.6%); Córdoba, with 21.8 million (11.5%); And Jaen, with 3.1 million (29.4%).

The main products imported by the British market in those months have been raspberry, worth 126 million euros; Olive oil (107 million); Strawberry (86.2 million); Tomato (79.1 million); Pepper (78.3 million), and cucumber (63.4 million)

Cherry tomato.

Cherry tomato.

For the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro, these data confirm that despite the scenario of uncertainty provoked by the Brexit, Andalusian exports to the United Kingdom have continued to grow “thanks to the dynamism of the companies of our region, to their entrepreneurial spirit and the effort to continue positioning themselves in the markets of the exterior in spite of the difficulties with which they are”.


These figures show that “we have a market that is consolidated thanks to the quality of the products we offer, based on highly loyal commercial relationships that will be reinforced by promotional actions”.

The Council, through the working group set up by the Andalusian Government to analyze and minimize the effects of Brexit in the autonomous community, remains vigilant with regard to the consequences that can open with the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, mainly in decisions about of the new Common Agricultural Policy and how to adjust its budget.

Source: CAPDER

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