Almería model comes to Peru with Tecnova


Tecnova shows the Almeria agriculture model as a benchmark in technology transfer and knowledge for the Peruvian agriculture. The trade mission EXTENDA, the Technology Centre Tecnova close relations with institutions, companies and Peruvian farmers for their participation.

Within the framework of the direct mission organized from 15 to 18 February by EXTENDA to Peru for the sector of the Auxiliary Industry Agricultural, and which is participating the Tecnova Technology Centre, yesterday I saw the Technical Seminar on Technology and Agriculture: Experience Andaluza EXTENDA-INIA held in the Peruvian capital of Lima.
The conference was inaugurated by Reyes Farfán Track (antenna Extenda in Peru), followed by Alvaro Parga EXTENDA Andalucía and Dr. Alberto Dante, head of the National Institute for Agrarian Innovation (INIA). Subsequently, the General Director of Tecnova, Maria Carmen Galera, made one of the largest and leading papers of the meeting to present the importance of the model Almería and its capacity for technological transfer abroad.

María del Carmen Galera

María del Carmen Galera

Galera has highlighted the value and positioning of Almeria agricultural model since its inception, and the essential involvement of public and private sector in this competitive and profitable model for the last 50 years. He also emphasized the role of technology centers as catalysts of the economy and the business environment through innovation processes, by transferring knowledge and technologies to the needs of businesses in their day to day to meet their needs and real solutions at the optimum time.

Talk Tecnova had a great acceptance among the more than 200 participants among which were; public institutions, universities, research centers, companies and Peruvian farmers looking for new opportunities and trade relations between the two countries. This event has served to establish the premises and keys to developing a sustainable production system over time as Almeria model.

According Galera “this mission is a great opportunity for Tecnova because it allowed him to strengthen relations between the two countries, having the opportunity to work and provide knowledge and value as leaders in technology transfer, innovation and training in framing technology. We want to work together towards achieving sustainable agricultural development in Peru and therefore, we have already reached agreements with public and private entities in the country. ”

IAA businessmen in Peru

IAA businessmen in Peru

Entities present at the conference showed great interest in the Almeria agriculture model, their companies and the technology they are using to achieve economic production figures, export and current sales being the garden of Europe.

This meeting is still one of the most interesting activities for 14 participants from Spain entities, which are well Tecnova, IDM, Alarcontrol, Sotrafa, trucks Amate, Biorizon and HEFE belonging to the Foundation also Automatic Agricultural Iberocons, C + E Analytical, Irconfort, AGQ LABS, Fercampo and AdequaWaterSolutions.

The internationalization of Almeria companies looking for new opportunities is more than evident, with half of the participating entities to the mission are in the province and also actively involved with the Foundation in R & D and joint collaborations promoting business competitiveness.

The sector of the auxiliary industry of agriculture has great opportunities in Peru, it is currently one of the economies with high growth in investment seeks to strengthen agriculture and boost crop export side.

Therefore, seeing the economic outlook for Andalusian companies of the Auxiliary Industry of Agriculture in Peru, the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, through the antenna Andalusian Extenda-Trade Promotion Agency has in Peru with the company Track has organized the trade mission to the cities of Lima and Ica in order to see the Peruvian agricultural sector and to close economic agreements with them.

Source: Tecnova

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